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Handwriting Analysis
-What my handwriting says about me (:

My Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life {Part 2}
-sigh....the post that brought the shame to my family

My Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life {Part 1}
-Enjoy at my expense

Remember that one time?
-The epic post where readers share their most intimate embarrassing moments.

Feet Soup
-Heaven help us! I made French Onion Soup. It ended badly

Anger Management 101
-Work Rant

Vitamix vs. Juicer Debate

Judge ye not lest ye be judged
-Humiliating gym story

Esthetician: 1 Lindsey: 0
-Yet again another humiliating moment

"I want you to know I didn't wash my pants"
-My first day of school.

-New Table.....Ruined

Hidden in an Archival Folder
-One time I accidentally purchased an erotica book.

Scariest Family Moment Ever
-Family camping trip, ending in hospital trip. Yikes

My Favorite Halloween Tradition
-Caramel Dipping Sauce

Book Wreath
-These are very popular now. I still love mine though. They are very simple to make. 

"Your messing with the wrong kind of girl!"
-A conversation between loud mouth (the old rotten receptionist I use to work with) and a 5 year old. Sometime office life is entertaining.....sometimes....okay hardly ever.

-The day I stumbled on a picture of a cup. It brought tears to my eyes and brought back even more memories of my Grandma Nelson.

-This is the post where I proclaim that I will never EVER attempt skiing or boarding again.

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