Monday, September 19, 2011


See that? That is my table. My beautiful cheap ace table that I so heavily adore. It is now ruined. Sigh...."This is why we can't have nice things." Friday, Anthony bought some beautiful strawberries for me to take to the baby shower the following day. I kind of forced him to go grocery shopping since I was heading back from vacation. He bought 3 huge cases from Costco. I didn't even use 1 full case. Saturday and Sunday I kept thinking, "You need to get those strawberries cleaned and cut for the freezer." Did I do it? Of course not. I'm tired, vacation was rough. So they sat on the table.

Today after work I came home and realized that some magical gnome broke into my house and waved its mold wand all over the produce! What the junk?! The strawberries were all completely nasty. Not only were they nasty but they were leaking......LEAKING! I cleaned off the counters and quickly headed over to the table. Not only was their leakage on the table, but it had also dripped on the floor and my beautiful green placemats had sprouted some lawn.....aka....mold. SHIZ! After cleaning it up I realized the table was ruined. The strawberries must have been highly acidic because it ate through the polish.

***Interruption: Hey Shanna, remember that time you paid me a $1 to eat that moldy bubbling strawberry during a conference call at the Inn? Good times ***

I called Anthony and told him we needed to go to the store, you know, so when I told him we would be in public. He won't kill me in front of the produce or deli man. When I spilled the beans he wasn't too concerned. Little did he know I actually wasn't being overly dramatic like really was as bad as I made it out to be. {Gotta switch it up every once in awhile, keep him on his toes}

Anyways, he wasn't too impressed when he saw the white markings on the table. I am hoping that we can just keep people away from the house for a couple of years. Then when I birth a child I can blame the stain on the little rug-rat (BLASTED CHILD!). Anthony really wasn't mad though, which was nice. I made him a juicy burger for dinner to make up for this. Also, I am not solely blaming myself, I discussed with him that this is equally both of our know, equality is important.

What a great post this was right?..........blah. Anthony, sent me this song, you know, from his computer upstairs. I sent him an email back telling him thank you. We have really great communication skills (: It is the cutest song ever. The video made me cry. I think you should watch it. Underneath that video is a band I have been diggin lately. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. We are a 1/5 of the way to the weekend! Hang in there friends!


 This one is the acoustic version. The one chick gets really passionate at one point which isn't my favorite but the song is so catchy.


terrah said...

So crummy! I'm sorry about that. It's pretty weird. One possible option might be to get that glass etching fog stuff from the craft store. It would definitely be a different look to the table, but it might hide the white marks? Good luck!

terrah said...

Ooh, or maybe leave the strawberries out all over the table for a random pattern look? I can't stop thinking about this! I'm so sad for you! That would drive me crazy!

Alicia said...

Sad. Maybe you can google about ruined polish and how to fix it. Might come up with something. Or maybe rearrange your chairs so there's a place mat over that spot.

Jan DeGiulio said...

Sorry! I like the idea of leaving moldy strawberries all over the table. So that and then sell it for big bucks as an antique!

Shanna said...

This is a really great post, and I appreciate the side bar comment directed at me. However, to be honest...when I saw the title; the moldy strawberry you ate for a measly dollar wasn't the first thing that came to my mind. Especially after I saw the "oh SHIZ" comment. I was thinking more about the time when Laura "oh shized" in her pants at work...and then there was that rooster no, the moldy strawberry was not the first thing I thought of. But yes, that was a hilarious day...and I'm still a bit shocked you ate it. Brave, very brave.