About Linds

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I am Linds. I try to find humor in my every day life. I work in an office. Enough said, right? Without my sense of humor, life would be intolerable. I cook because I am really good at eating, and to impress my husband. When asked how dinner was, he has learned to not respond with, "It was alright, thanks." This is not a correct answer, I have been known to pout from this response. I have been knitting the same washcloth for other 3 4 years now. I am a proud mother....of an aquatic turtle. He has survived for 4 years under my supervision. I sold him last year......

Some of my favorite things:
In no particular order (If it was, my husband would probably leave me....."How could Linds love M&M's more than me?"
  • Peanut M&M's 
  • Cooking
  • My husband of almost 7 years 
  • Matching socks
  • Cracking the spines of a fresh book
  • Watching people fall 
  • Reading
  • When my nephew thinks the husband is Chumley from Pawnshop 
  • Camping
  • Toddler temper tantrums 
  • Clean sheets
  • Autumn
  • Pinterest
  • Road Trips
  • Old people farts
  • Fishing with my Dad
  • Book Club
  • Flip Flops in any type of weather
  • Blog comments (This might be a huge hint)
Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you enjoy reading about my mundane, melodramatic life. 



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