Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hidden In An Archival File

I love my Nook. Unfortunately it has already caused me some grief though. This story is a little old but after discussing it with a close friend last night, and laughing hysterically afterwards, I feel as if it needs to be shared.

Last week I was lying in bed and was spending quite a bit of time in the free ebook section on the Barns and Noble store. I have a ton of free samples of books but it gets frustrating when you get to the last page….”Please purchase to continue this book”. It always seems to come as soon as I get sucked into the book. Imagine my pure joy when I realized that there are free books out there!

I quickly scanned the decent looking ones and the downloading began. I came across one that had a semi interesting synopsis. I got the impression that it was about some woman that was forced to see a doctor because of her mother who thought she had psychological issues. It was set in the late 1800’s so I thought it would be a great look into where psychology was then and now.

This was not a correct assumption. I read about 10 pages and quickly realized that “hmmmmm, oh dear! This is not a good book”. I wanted it off of my Nook immediately but I couldn’t figure out how to. After some rooting around I decided to put it in the archive file. Where that file is….I have no idea. But it’s hidden away.

Last night I was once again trying to wind down from a long Monday. As soon as I opened the store tab this is the sentence that brought me back to the event that enfolded last week. “Because you purchased ____________ (no, I will not tell you the title) you might enjoy these other erotic novels.”

AHHHHHH! I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to go away quickly. My Nook has the dirty book stashed away in the archival! What if I borrow my Nook to someone and they get into the Archived File and sees that I am hiding this? I am hiding it for a reason, it is dirty and naughty and because I do not know how to delete it (Do you have a Nook? Can you send me instructions?!). But I am NOT hiding it because I secretly enjoy those kinds of “books”. As I told my friend we were laughing at the predicament I once again got myself into.

I now am going to download carefully and I think I will buy a book or two so my Nook stops thinking I am a dirty girl. I’m Clean. Promise.


Alicia said...

LOL! You're too funny. Glad you at least knew how to put it in the archive so it's not front and center on your nook. (Assuming a nook has a front and center. I don't know I don't have one.)

I'll see if google can help with deleting things off of a nook for you.

KristiH said...

Ohhhhh yeah,I was going to ask you about that...when we were alone. I thought you'd stumbled on some new hobby ;) finally decided to look inside the cover of all the forbidden grandma books eh........seriously, only you.

Alicia said...

Google has failed me. :( All I can find is putting it in the Archive is deleting it. Like that makes any sense. Some one did say that you can delete it from your B&N e-book account and that will take it off your nook.

Have a great day.