Thursday, July 15, 2010

Esthetician:1 Lindsey :0

Yet again I have managed to get myself into a awkward situation. I love my life, don't get me wrong. But I would love to go and do something where I am not embarrassed or wonder how I got into the particular situation. Case in point: Waxing Appointment.

I have been looking forward to this day for about a month now. I have not went waxing in about 6 months. My hair on my legs have gotten thick again and coarse. Its not attractive and I want to have smooth legs for California. You can't blame me for wanting such a simple thing. I finally stopped shaving and I got an appointment for today at 6:00. I had to go to the Paul Mitchell School because my regular esthetician was all booked up. It took me 45 minutes to get there due to an accident and rush hour. It should have only taken me 20. Just keep in mind that it was quite the effort to get there.

I walked in and was guided back to a room. The table had wet stains all over it and the student shook my hand all awkward like. I wonder if they had a suggestion box.....the handshake is not needed. It's not like I walked into the white house. The hand shaker told me to take my pants off and get on the table. Because of my last experience I was prepared. I pulled out some capris and grinned and said "No worries, I will change into these."

When I was dressed and comfortable she came back in. I would like to narrate the remaining part of my story.

Her: Oh WOW! I have never EVER seen such coarse hair before!
Me: Ummm, yeah. I have really thick hair....funny thing is it's only thick on the bottom half. Top half is smooth.
So this is how this appointment is going to go? Me being offended so quickly? She did not seem to care about the top half. Maybe she thought it was inappropriate. Or maybe she was just pissed that she was so unlucky to get the bottom half. Who knows....
Her: Hmm, yeah I have never seen this. I need to go get my teacher.
Oh good, that's all I need. One more person to see how freakish I am....Perfect
Me: I have been waxing before. It's always coarse like this. After a couple of visits it calms down. It's ok.
She doesn't care and walks out. I soon hear hand shaker and teacher discussing me.
Teacher: What do you mean she has thick hair?
They both walk in
Teacher: Oh my goodness! She does have thick hair! Wow! Well, lets see what we can do with this.
They both begin to wax my legs. I may have tanned yesterday. I may have marked on the form that I haven't tanned lately. I knew that if I marked that I had tanned then they wouldn't have allowed it. I'm a rebel idiot...I get it.
Teacher: Hmm this doesn't seem to be working. There are a lot of hairs still in there. Grab the different wax. It usually works on more difficult cases.
Her: Yeah, I can't believe this. Grab the light so we can see better too.
Meanwhile I am suffering profusely. The yanking and reyanking in the same spots was excruciating. Also the wax was burning my already burnt freshly tanned skin. I made her blow on my leg once. haha
Teacher: This wax isn't working either. I am going to get the director of waxing in here.
Director of waxing? Is that even real? Director walks in. I am now busting a gut because I can not believe that 3 people cannot figure me out. Its just hair! I may look like a man below the kneecap but just freaking get rid of it!After the director studies my legs under the light she says,
Director: Her hair isn't long enough.
Me: WHAT? No! I have to go to California next Friday! I need this off!
Director: I won't see you again until next Thursday. Sorry about this, we won't charge you. See you next week.

I left with a 1/4 of a burning hairless leg. Please keep in mind that next week the hair will be all sorts of different lengths now. I have a pedicure appointment on Saturday. How am I going to explain my hairy legs? All my plans fell apart so quickly. Why do these things happen to me? It's hilarious that they were in awe over my legs. You won this time student esthetician. But next time I'm leaving hairless!

Below is a photo. Yes! I am brave enough to show you my hair half leg. Notice the mosquito bite. This mosquito bite was also waxed.....not pleasant. I will definitely have to wear nylons and boots to church this week. Notice the redness. Have I convinced you to wax your legs yet?


Shanna said...

Bahahahaha! I freaking love ur life! This story totally made my day, it's the first "real" story in awhile. I applaud you for bringing this experience to the table. I cannot wait to hear how next week goes...i wonder if it'll b long enough...

Amy and David said...

That is a horrible story. You POOR thing. I would have cried. And I don't think I will ever wax. lol P.s. what horrible people skills those people had. I guess that is why it is a school.

Alicia said...

Great story. Hope next week will go by better and you won't have to be examined by 3 people.

Jill's Adventures Throughout Sunny SoCal said...

That is insane. Director of Waxing? It's like Director of Operations of my work but not just focused on waxing, its a big hotel.

Your hair doesn't even look bad?
What happened if you just shaved, does it not work out as well (usually)?

Thats why I refuse to go to schools for the most of times. I went to a school in Midvale to get my nails put on once for a school dance in high school. I got there at 630. They closed at 9, vacuuming and such. I didn't leave til 930. At this time, I didnt have a car and my mom was picking me up and was really irritated. By 930, my aunt picked me up because my mom was sleeping. Not cool! My nails bled so many times while she did it. Not! Again!