Thursday, February 2, 2012

Handwriting Analysis

The other receptionist at work is kind of adorable. She is extremely friendly and loves to learn as much as she can, which has always impressed me. The other day she was telling me about a new skill she discovered her Grandma had. Her Grandma is a Certified Handwriting Analyst. Random right? She stayed up late and consumed as much information from her Grandma as possible. She wanted to learn as much as she could.

After hearing about it the receptionist and her adorable Grandma decided that the best way to learn is to practice. She had a couple of people at work write a paragraph in cursive. I was excited when she asked me to write one as well. 

I am absolutely terrible at writing in cursive. To be honest I probably haven't written in cursive (besides my signature) for at least 6 or 7 years. So when I started writing a paragraph I found it really difficult. I was worried that my chicken scratch wouldn't even be legible. I handed in my paragraph yesterday. I highly anticipated the results. I I was so excited when I saw the results in my box today.

It has been so fun to read.

Below is what my handwriting said about me.

You dot all your i's so you are detail oriented. 
But you are frustrated with yourself at the moment. (Probably cuz I made you write cursive.) 
You appreciate and understand music. 
You would be good at playing an instrument. 
You have a dry witty humor.
You enjoy subtle clever jokes.
You have a "Sharing" personality and may have a dependence on your mother (emotion, financial, etc.)
You have a natural ability to create things.
You meet challenges well. 
You have some self doubt.
Sometimes you are a slow starter but you always finish things well.
You would be willing to travel a little for sex, but not too far. (:
Your sex drive is normal.
You have good organizational ability but don't always use it.
You have the ability to describe things effortlessly.
You can take a boring subject and make it interesting.
You are overly modest about your body. 
If you went to a doctor you might not tell him everything wrong with you.
You are a follower of all rules and regulations, don't have the courage to break rules.
You have been more influenced by your mother than your father.
You're inventive and find new ways to do things.
You are not satisfied with work or personal goals.
You don't mind taking charge and like self-improvement.

I would say it is pretty spot on. The sex part was absolutely hilarious to me. At work today we compared our findings. I wanted to see if all the others were the same (sometimes I am skeptical). They were all so different. They all went into a lot of details, some of which I knew in regards to the employee because I see them every day but others were a complete surprise, but all confirmed to be true by the specific person. It was so interesting!

It completely made my day! 



Jan DeGiulio said...

What fun! I think it would be fun to have my handwriting done. But then again I might not want to know that much about me.

simply heidi said...

I want to try it!
Travel for sex? Hee! How far is too far? Sometimes I feel like across the house is too far...
Did Scalp Licker do one?

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

So I am busting a gut right now! I laughed so hard at your pictures... then I about died again with the sex part... and then the 'simply heidi' comment about Scalp Licker- pretty sure I just laughed so hard I snorted in a quiet office! OMG!

I totally want her to do my hand writing... can I send her a sample?!

Alicia said...

Oh, my that totally does describe you. The travel for sex part was funny, though I can't say I know that describes you. lol Your pictures were hilarious.

Khinna Kaminske said...

I'm interested in this handwriting guru as well! Although, do I really want her to tell me the truth ;)

Alright, responding to your book club comment on my blog. Sorry it took me forever to respond.

The book club started with several women from church. There are 7-8 people, and 5 showed up on our first meeting in January. Someone just offers to pick a book for the next month. So far, so good. I'm wondering if it will fizzle out near the holidays. So far, so good though.

I'm wondering why I didn't join one soon. I love the comradeship, and sometimes, I just have to vent over some things in a book.

We really should get together, if I ever come to Utah. Not sure when that will be. It would be nice to catch up in person. I miss your personality so much. It makes me wonder what the heck happen in high school- such awkward times.

Life as Linds said...

Hi Heidi,
send me a paragraph (6-8 sentences) in cursive. It doesn't mattaer what you write about. You can send it to my place. If you really want to let me know and i'll give you my address.

Life as Linds said...

Yes of course! Send it to my place and i'll give it to her. If you are serious let me know.

Life as Linds said...

Haha yeah I don't share my sex life too often with others lol. Hope you are having a good weekend. Have you heard from any schools for Joe yet?

Life as Linds said...

There is something about venting out your feelings to others about a book....especially when treats are involved. Hmmm....maybe I just go for the treats?

I would love to get together....sometime....somewhere. I wish I could fly out to your neck of the woods. Your photos are always so beautiful!

Highschool was awful. I wish I could redo it lol. Eekkk maybe just forget it.

It you want your handwriting analyzed, send me your 6-8 handwritten sentences in cursive. I'll give you my address when you are ready to send it.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Life as Linds said...

Jan! It was so fun! You should. Let me know if you are serious. All she needs is 6-8 sentences in cursive.

Simply Heidi said...

Yay, thanks! I just wrote it out. Want to email/FB/text/tweet/skywrite me your addy?

Kelli Shimek said...

Oooo.... I would be tempted to try it too! Thanks for letting me have the privilege of reading your blog still! :)

twinsand2boys said...

How fun...I would love to have my handwriting analyzed to see what it says.