Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fall, Get Here Already!

Butt Crack Hot....

That is how hot it is. I am done with it. Crumple it up, toss it in the garbage, pull it back out, burn it, and pee on the ashes....DONE WITH IT.

I want soup. I want crunchy leaves. Hoodies. Pumpkins on porch. Book and quilt session.Wreaths. Acorns. I want to wear a cardigan at work and not sweat all day. Also, while I'm at it, I want a slice of pumpkin pie as well....with cream on top.

I sound manic. Mostly I just feel really passionate about Fall. I could live in Fall weather all year round. Truly. With Fall comes my yearly Fall to do list. I look forward to it every year. I bet if we all start wreath making, Fall will be here any day? Right?


1. Dried Stick Wreath
My Door is barren. It looks sad. This will do the trick. I love the sticks. Can't get any cheaper than that.
2. Pimped Out Pumpkin
Porch Envy. I love creative pumpkin displays.
3. Thanksgiving Door
I love this for November. Simplify folks.
4.You've Been Boo'd!
I LOVE doing this. One of my favorite things!
5. Pumpkin Butter
Nothing else to say...PUMPKIN BUTTER!
6. Soup
Enough good soup making to make me sick. No Moderation in the Fall. Pack it on!
7. Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales
My Aunt helped me realize I hadn't read this. It's on my shelf. I'm gonna conquer this!
8.Pillow Decor
I need to spruce up the inside.

What is on your fall to do list....?

I forgot to add that my porch is covered in cob webs from the spider invasion. The terminator will definitely be getting a call soon. I'm not willing to share my pad with them. That was a random thought, but seriously? I have never seen so many cob webs on one property. They are in my porch light, in the bushes, under the windows...EVERYWHERE! We never had this problem in T-Ville. Weird... Anyone else struggling with that this year?

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all.


Alicia Thomson said...

I'm done with the hot humid summer. I don't really get a fall, but I'm ready for cooler weather and fall/ winter rain storms. I haven't thought much of what I'll do the fall. You and another friend have inspired me to make a to do list.

The spider thing is bad on my balcony and the apt has an exterminator that comes monthly to spray the outside of the buildings. Doesn't seem to stop them. I'm terribly paranoid of crossing paths with a brown recluse (sp?). They are more poisonous than a black widow and live in warm climates.

So my comment is getting a bit long, hope you have a great night.

P.S. Palm Springs may not be a great place to go for someone sick of the heat. ;) Hope you have access to a pool.

Shanna Dudleston said...

I am done with the hot weather as well! Temperature in the house today; why a humid 79 degrees. I can't remember the last time I wasn't moist from sweat.

Fall is so fun, and hopefully while we are enjoying the last bits of summer in the desert of Palm Springs, things will cool down and we can come home to a more hospitable environment.

PS; I love the wreath!

Jan DeGiulio said...


Tyrel said...

Oh man, I am glad I am not the only one craving fall! Please enjoy it for me too. That is one thing that I miss down here living in Az. My favorite part is driving through the mt and seeing the changing leaves. Keep posting about your life in the fall so I can live vicariously through you. Tell Anthony hi.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

This makes me a little sad. I miss the US so much. I thought I liked winter, but I've decided I don't. I know everyone is so happy that summer is ending but I can feel my 'self diagnosed' seasonal depression starting. Alberta does not get summer. We get warm spring. I didn't even get sunburned. And fall? Chaaa no way. It goes fom 70 degrees to 40 with snow flurries during the month of September. No fall. Straight to winter. So, as a rebel, I am rebelling fall and all it includes. So there! (sticking my tongue out). But I like the wreath idea...

Heather Leigh said...

So with you on the heat. It must go. Fall is the best, but I wish it stuck around longer. Here's hoping this is the year!

You, missy, are quite ambitious. Your to-do crafts are insanely cute. Way to go!