Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lily Lake

Anthony and I just got back from camping with my family.

We were planning on going to Blanding over the 4th this year. I originally had the 5th off. Then I didn't (It was lame). So we decided to plan a camping trip from with my family since it wouldn't be worth to only go down to Blanding for a night because we would have to come back for my job. The camping trip was planned, and then a miracle happened and I got the 5th off again. I wish we could have teleported to each family event because I felt bad that after all of that we could have gone to Blanding. Next year....

I am glad that we were able to see my family though. My parents go through so much effort to find a spot. My Dad got up early Tuesday morning and drove 2.5  hours to reserve 2 campsites and then came home, just to drive up the following day with my Mom and nephew. I hope he knows how much we appreciate him.

We went to Lily Lake which is just 30 minutes outside of Kamas. It is beautiful up there! It is lush, green and happy. It did rain every night. But we were grateful to not have rain throughout the day. Rain is miserable when camping but we are used to it. It always seems to rain when we camp. Blah.

Again, I am grateful for my parents and their efforts to get us together. We are blessed with such a wonderful family and it is fun to be near them without the distractions of phones, internet, and t.v. It forces you to work, play and talk together.

The men did a lot of fishing. Jaden was constantly playing in the creek and would go exploring on his own a lot. I love how excited he gets when he tells us about the fish he catches. The girls had a good time down at another lake playing in the sand and visiting.  Alexa is so content to just sit at the edge of the water and throw rocks. I love the age she is at right now. She is so sweet. Kristi, Mom and I did some crafting. I might have brought up a craft for Jaden to do with us, but fishing was more important than the craft. No matter, we enjoyed it.

I didn't really take many pictures. I kept the camera in the tent the majority of the time because I didn't want to forget about it at my parents campsite. And walking to our campsite was just too far. That sounds complicated.....just know that if I weren't so lazy, there would be more photos.


Alicia Thomson said...

Looks like a great place to camp and a fun way to celebrate the holiday. I love camping.

Jen Holden said...

Lily lake is beautiful! Sorry about your plans how annoying to have to go into work and then have it cancelled. We're going camping this next week with shads family I'm a little nervous haven't been camping with kids before..

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I can't tell how marvelous this place looks. I want to go there now!