Thursday, June 27, 2013

Photo Dump Ya'll

It's late. Anth is in the office and I am bored. One might say that there are a number of things I could choose to do to fill this, fold laundry, scribble in journal about all the people that bugged me today at work, paint my toe nails, waste away on pinterest...etc., etc. Instead I think I will unload some random photos from my phone again. Why not? It is Thursday and I am barely keeping myself together. elusive jerk...get back here!

These posts are never great. In fact, I always look back and think...."Really? Who reads this kind of crap?" But guess what? I don't want to do fact, I don't even want to get off my butt. So there...

I'm Sorry.....

I finally got the bedroom looking like an adult occupies it. Before, the bed had a super cute black and white polka dot duvet on it. I loved it. I felt like Minnie Mouse was going to come join us for breakfast in bed. Alas, I feel this is more age appropriate. And isn't the lamp adorable? Shanna gave it to me for my birfday! So cute. Who wants to come refurnish the dresser for me? We hate is old and crap. But It would be perfect painted a beautiful cream or a pale the end table next to it. I would offer $50 obo to refurnish it for me. I'm serious. I'm begging.
 Since we are on the subject of $$$monies$$$.... I am finally ready to say farewell to my book wreath. I can't seem to find a perfect wall spot for this beaut. Anyone want it for $20? If's cool. Maybe one day she'll find a perfect spot somewhere.  Or....if you refurnish the dresser for me, I'll throw in a wreath for free. eh eh?

Random photo of Mom, Dad and Jaden boy while at the lake. They came over a couple of weeks ago and Jaden had a blast playing in the sand. Grandma and Grandpa seemed to enjoy it as well (: I wuv them all
Once upon a time I threw a tantrum after wondering why I was sweating profusely after just a short jaunt upstairs. I ran back down and by golly!......!.....WHO the HECK turned the a/c to 85? I yelled, I stomped my feet, I stripped down to basically nothing and finally won the battle. The house doesn't get any hotter than 76 now. Shhhhh.....I quite often turn it down to 74 though.
Still trying to figure out what colors to paint the Adirondack chairs.  I am thinking blues would be fun. Make chesapeake and the color underneath it? Or is it best to just do two of the same color? Decisions decisions....
Jacked up feet award goes to.....
This is how my feet looked after our recent hike. Why I felt the need to take a photo, or stand on the white bathroom rug in that condition, I don't know. But I wasn't in the right frame of mind, that's for sure.
Dang, I just can't get over how hideous my feet are. What the heck happened to the 4th toe? Family curse..
I freaking won these! This company was having a competition where you name the earrings. Stare at the the photo...what do you see? I closed my eyes and envisioned a beach, the sand, the ocean...."SUMMER SUNSET". The name totally won and I was giddy when they finally arrived in the mail, free of charge! Shhh, the company had another contest and I just got notified today that I won another pair....Let's go to Vegas, I'm feeling lucky.
Check out my awesome sunburn. Again, from the hike. Geeze, I brought back a lot more than a pitiful story. Ba dum dum...Today my neck looked like a snake. Ya know, when it shakes off its old skin. Its horrific. Do snakes shake? Nah...but you get what I mean. I have lathered up with lotion numerous times today, which equals oily shoulders and still scaley neck. lol..... I IS HAWT!

And there is is. A Thursday night, (I is bored, I don't want to move, I could eat something but because I don't want to move, I'll blog)

Again, Sorry.


Kelli Shimek said...

I love it! :) Random photo posts are always fun to look over. It's interesting to see what people think from day to day.

Alicia Thomson said...

You is funny. I love your random post. Gave me some fun entertainment in my boring evening alone. I love your bedding.
I would totally refurbish your dresser if I was there and maybe even take your wreath off your hands. But where would I put it...

You should paint your chairs the Chesapeake and get a table to go with them and paint it the color underneath. Or the vise versus.

I'm glad you have control over your thermostat now. I'm dreading the weekend it is forecasted (sp?) to be 110. YIKES! I'm scared of my power bill next month.

Oh, and while your feeling lucky you can always gamble while you're in Palm Springs when you go there for your vacation. :)

Well, my comment is getting a little long... so have a wonderful night.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

You are hilarious. Love the bedroom. I wish my bedroom looked like that. We have clothes everywhere because we both loath folding laundry and putting it away. I'll totally take the wreath! Did you make it?

Tyrel said...

I missed you at the 4th of July! Lennie said I should publicly call you and his kids out in not coming, but by publicly he meant ranting on Facebook and I just couldn't do that. Anyway, you all were missed. I am glad you had fun elsewhere. :)