Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catch Up

Well hello there! Where have we been?

Well, we have been busy. But not so busy as to keep me away from the world wide web. My excuse is.......the laptop was upstairs and I have been too fat and lazy to go up and get it. Shameful, so shameful.

Lets quickly run through the last month{ish}

Went to Idaho for the big Ellis Family Reunion! It was (as always) a good time. The Ellis family is a riot and I love how close knit the family is. There is never any gossip or family drama. Just pure love. I always feel so comfortable around them. I didn't take many pictures. We only stayed two nights out in the back yard of his Grandma Ellis's yard. The first night there were at least 10 tents. Then Saturday (when the reunion ended) everyone left and me and Anth had the whole yard to ourselves. I love the view from the backyard. The fields are so peaceful and I find the outhouse to be so hilarious. What a cute family!
 When the reunion ended it was just Anth, Debbie, Leonard and I. They wanted to keep us entertained.

BEAR WORLD! I love Bear World....what isn't to love? I am so glad we went. I ended up with some nutty fudge and honey jar that I told Anthony would be a great gift for someone kept for myself (: It looks great in the kitchen.
 After Bear World we went to Idaho Falls. HELLO? I had never been there and it was beautiful. The town is so quaint and the Temple is so picturesque.

Thanks Debbie & Leonard for loving us (: You are such great a great Mom & Dad and we love you tons!
 Hey.....This is random.

Introducing...long lost relatives from Oregon. Chelsea (underneath in the blue stripe), is my cousin. I haven't seen her since I was about 8. We played on the beach in Oregon for a day. That is the only time I have seen her. I have always thought she was great, whenever I see pictures of that vacation I smile because we had a great time together. Then I never saw her again. I have always wanted to be involved with my Dads side of the family. But things were complicated. As fate would have it, she was given a student teaching opportunity in.......drum roll.......Taylorsville Utah. My home town! Can I get a Woo Woo!?

It has been wonderful for us to get to know each other and I am so glad that our families can finally mesh. It has been a long time coming.
 This is us. We bought a house in Day Break. It is everything we need/want. We have had the pre-construction design meeting. All the counters/paints/carpet/wood/tiles/appliances/fixtures/etc./etc. picked out. Everyone was saying that we would argue, scream, cry, and think of divorce, but they were wrong. All the decisions were easy and we just smiled and moved from one decision to the next. Insane...crazy insane. The permits are submitted to the city and now we wait. Did I tell you that we have a buyer for our house? Mike is buying it. Yes, Mike. My bro-in-law/Saint Mike. Thank you Mike. It will be hard, but I will get the green room painted before we leave.
 Shanna just had a birthday. We put together a little party for the big 30. It turned out wonderful. The food was great and the decorations turned out adorable. The random action pics are of us trying to throw the puff balls in the tree. It took a couple tries but we worked it out (:

Happy Birthday Shanna! Thanks for being my bestest friend and for always being there for me!
One more thing....

I am moving locations to a different clinic. Goodbye West Jordan. Hello Riverton. It will be about a 20 minutes drive right now but once we move in December/January I will be a mere 2-5 minutes away from work. Awesome! I won't ever have to work any more Saturdays and although I will be working afternooon shift again I have created a pros list..

Pro List:
#1 Sleeping In
#2 No more stressing about laying clothes out every night before bed.
#3 Maybe I will convince myself to work out every morning
#4 Maybe Anthony can start making dinner 

This has been a long road. The receptionist in Riverton quit. I snatched the opportunity and interviews were started. (Changing names for obvious reason). Kim was called and offered the job. She declined because she was given another job opportunity just hours before my boss called her. Then Courtney was called and she took the job. The next day she called my boss and said she decided against it. After some reservations Chloe was called and she eagerly took it. She was trained for 8 hours. Then the next day (last Friday) she called my boss and said she couldn't hack it. WILL I EVER GET TO LEAVE?!?!

So now the interviews start over. It probably won't be another 2 weeks until I can switch locations. I am ready for the fresh start and new people to meet. Heres to changes (:

So thats it....the update.

P.s I hope to share more. It should be easier now that the computer has been walked downstairs lol. Again...shameful.


Alicia said...

Yay! A post finally! I love Bear World. It is an awesome place. Hooray for your house. It looks like a cute little Day Break house. Shanna's party was fun. Glad I could make it.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I've always wanted to go to bear world. i'm totally jealous. was it everything you had hoped and dreamed? happy birthday to shanna!
I'm so excited for you to move to daybreak! the lady who made my wedding cake lived there, and i went there to pick out all the details and fell in love with that area. i love the salt lake valley. some of the people kind of bug me, but i love love love it. if i could move anywhere and still get the paid the same as i do here, it would definitely be the salt lake valley. i especially like the riverton/draper areas. basically anything close to ikea apparently. oh i'm so excited for your house!! i can't wait to see more pictures! next time i'm in salt lake can we pretty please go shopping and hang out? you have got to be the coolest person i know. this is a really long comment bee tee dubs...

jendegiulio said...

You have been busy but it looks like fun. Great pictures I like the collages. And so exciting about building your new house! Cant wait to see what it looks like. Decorating will be the fun part :)

Jan DeGiulio said...

Love catching up on your summer. I love building homes (or rather having someone build it for me) pure fun and no screaming, pouting or divorce for us either. And the Ellis reunion...it's as redneck as it can be for Idaho, LOVE IT!