Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wreathy Weekend

And breath.......

It has been a crazy two week! After we were once again unimpressed with our communication skills, Anth took off on the 29th (Friday) to Lake Powell for a week....without me. The story behind that is simple. Lyman Family reunion is in Lake Powell this year. Anth got work off, I got work off. Somehow the dates were confused and I got the wrong days off. Not to let that ruin a perfectly good trip.....Anth packed up, smacked me on the bottom, and said his farewells.

While Anthony was livin it up on Powell I was home....being bored and pathetic. Then it phased me....I have the whole house to myself! The menfolk are gone! I can do whatever the freak I want! What follows is my list of things I did while the Mr. Man was out.

*Cleaned the entire house
*Did some stitching on a gratitude tablecloth (post on that later)
*Watched "When Moose attack" on Discovery /:
*Made a wreath
*Shook my fist in the air at the hooligan kids playing with fireworks outside my house, which kept me up later than I wanted to at night.
*Prepared for camping with my family
*Watched Deadliest Catch
*Went to bed by 9:30 Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon
*Watched the 9:00 news.....10:00 was too late (:
*Watched "When Bears attack" on Discovery /:
*Was disappointed to see "When Crocs attack" was on at 10:00.....I missed it
*Complained to friends about my achy wrist due to all the old lady like stitching

Basically to sum it up, I am a loser. I had the remote to myself. I could have watched one heck of a raunchy lifetime movie, or two, heck the world was my oyster. And yet, I found myself pulled to all the crap Anth usually watches. I might have missed him....a little bit. One thing is for sure though. The house stayed amazingly beautiful the entire time. Surprising? Nope, not at all.

The wreath & the story behind the wreath:

I knew that while Mr. Anth was gone I would need something to do. There were two options: #1 Eat all weekend and make a new indent in the couch. #2 Craft

It was not an easy decision but ultimately #2 won. Thank goodness. I headed to the craft store.
Little humiliating story while at the store. I never ceases to amaze me the situations I get myself into.

I have a cart filled with miscellaneous items . Wreath foam, burlap, floral crap, etc. All I needed was some fabric and I could call it a day. I headed over to the department and stood there. I always get so overwelmed. My head starts to twirl and it always takes me at least 20 minutes wandering around. In my peripheral line of sight I noticed an older woman. She seemed to be following me. "Seriously? There are thousands of fabrics, back up lady, back up!" 

Round and round the isles I went....round and round this lady followed. I speed up, and turn a corner. "Did I lose her?" I spot a fabric I liked in the distance and half way there this lady stops in front of me. Enjoy the following convo.

"Where did you get your ring?"
"Um, what?"
"Your ring? Where did you get it?"
{Please take a moment to picture this}
I extend my arm,  pop my wrist and these words come out of my mouth....
"What, this ring?"
It was like an out of body experience....slow motion if you will.
She gives me an, "Are you fo realz" look.
"No, I meant your wreath ring. Where did you find it?
"Oh...{Wrist Drops}...Isle 3"

It was humiliating! I grabbed the closest legit fabric and left. While getting my fabric cut I was horrified as I realized that I had grabbed basically the most expensive fabric ever! $10 a yard! Are you serious?

$80 later I left with my provisions and flushed cheeks. I knew there were people around. I wonder if I was the topic of conversation at the dinner table at multiple homes that night."This one girl at the fabric store was so full of herself." Who asks that kind of question though? Why not just say "Hey chick!Where you get round foam at?"  See what I did there? I asked a specific clarifying question.

Anyways, I think the wreath turned out great. I wrapped it with burlap and secured it with hot glue. I added some cheap floral bud lookin things, and some fabric flowers that I made out of my expensive, the fabric is not lined with gold. I also added a "L" to finish it up. It was only $1.99. I thought about painting it navy or yellow but I got lazy. It is simple, summery, and clean looking, which is what I was going for. So I called it good. It got me through the weekend without Anth. Monday and Tuesday I was getting ready for camping with my family (next post).

The End.

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terrah said...

The wreath is adorable!! I love seeing your crafts!