Thursday, June 28, 2012

All Things Chalk Paint

I am addicted to Chalk Paint right now. Here are two easy project I did today:

Spice Board:
 I have had this magnet board for a couple of years, hanging in the kitchen. I use to have lots of wedding announcements hanging from it. We don't receive a lot of announcements anymore so I decided to switch things up a bit. First you will need to spruce up the spice holders.
 Ikea Magnetic Container
1}Clean Surface of container lip. Tape parallel horizontal lines.
2}Tape parallel vertical lines.
3} Apply two coats of chalk paint.
4} Let dry (or blow dry if you are impatient like me)
-Add favorite spices and admire the work of art

Magnetic Board
-Bought mine years ago at quilted bear. They are everywhere though.
-Paint the magnet board. (I did 3 coats) and let dry (or blow dry hehe)
-Add numbers to spices container and label board with spice names

WAIT? Where did the napkin holders come from?

Napkin Holders:

 1} Recycle your empty candle jars.
2} Place jars in freezer for an hour and pop wax out. If you just have a little bit of wax just rinse it out with really hot water. Clean soot off with windex or other cleaner.
3} Admire your new jars that once looked awful.
4} Tape chevron lines (I used electrical tape, legit painters paint works grand too).
5} Paint 2 coats of chalk paint. I only did chevron on one jar. Completely paint other two jars if you so desire.
-Add napkins, flowers, utensils, pencils, candy, or tea lights. These are adorable and so versatile. 

Not enough paint for you?
Here are some fun chalk projects I have found on Pinterest.

1} Chalk Eggs by Home Made Simple
2}Mini Clay Pots by The Robin's Nest
3} Photo Frame by Laura Winslow Photography
4} Chalkboard Chair by Budget Wise Home
5} Globe by Girl in Air
6} Coasters by Whisper Wood Cottage
7} Large Clay Pot by Yours Truly
8} Platter or wreath by Signature Style
9}Side Table by Poppy Talk

Are you convinced yet? It is time....go out and get you some paint!


Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I love the herb garden-y idea... i'm not sure i'd like this in my own home because chalk boards make me cringe, but i love the look of it all! way to go miss crafty!

jendegiulio said...

Ok I need to try this chalk paint out. I LOVE love love that spice board how fun & creative.

Jan DeGiulio said...

Love all the more you do cute things for you home!