Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tonys Grove 2012

I love Tonys Grove. The drive is super long but it is worth the trip. I am not use to being so responsible, so having to pack up all the camping stuff by myself was an adventure in and of itself. The camping stuff is in the storage cupboard which is a big space in the car port where Anthony normally parks. It is filled with dread, dust, and home to numerous poisionous killer spiders. This is not me being dramatic.

I grabbed the cooler, tent, and my hand was on the fold out chair when I saw a shadow. "Well, I guess you will find a seat in the's not worth the risk." The chair never made it out of the storage unit, nor did the mattress pad. I knew it was going to be a rough camping trip.

After working an 11 hour day both Monday and Tuesday I was so ready for the long break. I left Salt Lake around 7 and made it to Tonys grove around 930ish.  Mom and Dad met me in Logan. We set up the tents and basically called it a night. It was a rough night.Without the mattress pad I felt like I was laying on a riverbed of rocks and sticks and I might have been a little freaked out after watching, "When Bears Attack" the night before....not smart.

The following morning, Dad and I went for a stroll around the lake. He fished and I took in my surroundings.

 After some delicious fruit parfaits for breakfast the entertainment squad arrived,which consisted of Josh, Varinia, and the kids (Jaden and Alexa). We played some tossing game for awhile. Josh and I won the first round. Jaden & Dad won the 2nd round.  Jaden and Dad might need to work on their sportsmanship manners.
Strolls were a big part of our camping experience. Jaden is huge into fossils right now so he was constantly looking for rocks and asking, "Is this a fossil?" He found a real one, but it took lots of rocks and "hikes & adventures" to find it.  My dad is so patient with him. He looked at everyone and told him why it wasn't one.I got to the point where if he asked me I would say, "Omgosh! It is!" The majority of the time he was skeptical and would then refer to Dad, who would then correct me and say, "Nope, its lava rock/river rock/dirt/clay/etc."

The one day we walked around the lake. Dad fished some more and the bravest of the crew put their feet in the water.

The one night Jaden spent the night with us, which was a blast. Before I went to my own tent we had scary story time in my parents tent. First my Dad told a scary version of "The 3 billy goats gruff". Mom did her best with the 3 little bears (she doesn't pride herself on being the best story teller). I then took a stab at a twist on Beauty and the Beast, but the beast was big foot and he was put to sleep with a cherry pie that the forest animals made. I was so good at my story telling that the next night I was asked to tell 2 more (: I wish I had taken some pictures. We were so cute all snuggled up in the tent...

Smore are a staple for camping. Mom got the big camping marshmallows. Have you tried them? They are the massive kind that you can barely put in your mouth. It was hilarious to watch everyone tackle them. The majority of us threw half of our smores in the fire was just too much.
I am glad I was able to go up even though Anth was away. He was going to come up but we cut the camping short due to the rain. We all were smelly so we were fine with the decision to leave. Hopefully we can go again soon so Kristi and Anth could come.Kristi couldn't get away from work....she was sorely missed.  I could have used a sleeping buddy (:
Anthony got home a couple hours after me and it was so good to see his face. Picture us hugging in the doorway while "Reunited and It Feels So Good" is playing in the background.That didn't happen, well the hug did, just not the music. I am glad he is home.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the great trip! Thanks entertainment squad! It wouldn't have been as fun without you guys! Love you all! XOXO

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