Sunday, February 19, 2012

Craft Day

Anthony once again has become ill. He stayed home from work on Friday. We cancelled our Blanding trip for his Grandpas birthday celebration. He hunkered down in the house on Saturday while I left him to fend for himself. I once again win the top wife award.

When Shanna and I get together we do the and spend money. It kind of gets old.....well mostly the driving around to the spots to spend the money is the most exhausting part. The eating part will never ever get old. That is what we do best. Instead of getting together and running errands all day we decided that we should do something different. After we spent some individual time on Pinterest we both found our own project to work on. We started a craft day. It was a blast! We spent quite a bit of time gathering supplies at a local craft store, then lunch had to happen.

Afterwards we spent a couple of hours working on our own project at her house. It was nice to craft. I haven't done a project for quite some time and we both had an enjoyable time.

She worked on some Scrabble coasters and I worked on a memory game. After a couple of hours we decided that we could no longer continue without Red Mango in our system. We drove to Layton and satisfied our craving and then continue onward with our projects. Our finished projects will be saved for later down the road when we give them away as gifts. No more scrambling for gifts at the last minute for us......we are changed people folks!

 I am excited to continue our craft session next month. It was a nice change. {Thanks Shanna! I had a blast!} As for Anthony, he lived without me for the day. I even brought him home a gift of Nyquil for allowing me to leave (:
 The ultimate "Word with Friends" game. Her project turned out so great! The back of the scrabble words has cork. Then she modge podged it.

 Look how happy she looks! The bottom right photo was right when we started....The top left was right after Red Mango lol. Her coasters turned out great and I am excited for when she gets to give them away. The recipient will thoroughly enjoy them.

I love the vintage photos and the bright cheerful colors. I feel like I got really lucky with finding these squares. I stumbled across them in the craft store while looking in the scrapbook paper. I don't think I could have found a better set of pictures of these squares. The squares were hard to find. I originally was looking for wood pieces but that was nearly impossible for some reason. Shanna was a saint when she found these magnets. They were pricey ($5 for a 4 pack) but they will withstand small hands and I love the white against the bright colors. They were worth the cost. What do you think? Have you seen any fun projects on Pinterest that you think we would love to try?



Shanna said...

I love our projects. Your tiles turned out so good, and the pictures are fantastic! I still have the front side of my coasters to mod podge...tomorrow, definitely tomorrow. I can't wait until our next craft day!

simply heidi said...

Adorable! I wish I were a small child and could look forward to that surprise. No wait - I am glad I am an adult and that you will be crafting again (hint, hint). Hee!

Alicia said...

Sounds like a blast. I'm sure I've seen fun things to do on Pinterest, but haven't been on there forever so can't tell you about it.