Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Elite Political Discussion Board

I have been receiving emails in my gmail account the last little month or two. I decided to finally respond to the writer. I hope he writes me back, it would kind of make my day. If I do get a response from him I will do an update. After researching (on google for 2 seconds) I found that the zip code comes from PA. 

I basically have a pen pal. Don't be jealous. He sounds incredibly interesting. And I completely understand everything he is talking about. We are on the same level, he could be my brother or bff. 
His Email:

Comrades, {Yes, my bff calls me his comrade}
The weekly meeting of the ISSE will take place on Thursday at 5pm in
221 Space Sciences. Please call me at 412.523.6371 if you need to be
let in.

The political discussion will focus on the escalating threats against
Syria and Iran by the US:

The theoretical reading will focus on the question of the SEP running
in election campaigns. It was raised at the last meeting, and
definitely worth discussing. The following articles are a selection
from our writings in 2004, the last time there was a major campaign by
the SEP. Please familiarize yourself with them for Thursday:

In addition, here is a statement from the Australian campaign in 2004,
which covers many of the same issues, but some different ones, owing
to the differing nature of both countries. It's an interesting read.

I look forward to seeing everyone there.

My Response:

Lindsey Lyman
8:58 PM (1 minute ago)

to Cornell
Dear Bryan,

I have been receiving your informative emails for a couple of weeks now. When I first started receiving your emails I was highly confused as I had no idea who you are (hi Bryan! I'm Lindsey!) or what organization you belonged to. I assumed there is another Lindsey in your organization and thus the confusion occurred......I can't imagine how many Lindsey Lymans there must be in this world.

As the weeks went on I had a huge amount of guilt as I continued to receive your emails. Why didn't I email you before? That is a wonderful question. I work in a boring office. All day long I deal with insurance forms and mundane melodramatic coworkers. I might have felt semi important receiving these political emails.

Back to the guilt....I can't imagine the other Lindsey, the real Lindsey. Is she receiving these emails or is she left out of the loop? Were you often wondering why she hasn't participated or responded? How dare I take that from her? Picture her sitting at home in her thick wool socks wondering where her Bryan has gone.

In conclusion, Bryan, I in no way understand what you are talking about. I am semi-young, naive and completely uninformed with politics. Although I would love to continue feelings as if I am apart of this elite political discussion board, I feel it is time to be taken off of your mailing list.

Thank you so much and best of luck in your political endeavors.

Love, Linds


Shanna said...

LOL! This is by far the best response email I have ever read. Bravo. Please let me know the second he responds!

Simply Heidi said...

This post made me love you every bit as much as my favorite pair of thick wool socks, which I am wearing right now.

Jan DeGiulio said...

Always nice to have a pen pal but this one sounds like he may be on some scary terror watch list. I love your response to scary Bryan (that's what I will call him) As always your blog puts a laugh in my day...thanks!

saltEskin said...

LOL - thats awesome.. you should really show up one day...that would be even better.

Kelli Shimek said...

Hehehe! I love sending responses to people that contact me on accident. Especially text messages! Good job! :) I hope he does respond. That is entertaining.