Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When Spiderman Gets Cocky


Woke up with a spring in my step. Not only did I get on the treadmill but I put dinner in the crock pot, which impressed me greatly. Anthony was dealing with a cold (you know how men are when they get a cold), so we skipped church. I could have gone, but instead I decided that because I wasn't going I should be productive with my day. Productivity involved a shower and a new book (: I read all day. It was awesome. I wish I could do it every week. I moved from room to room, kitchen table, couch, lazy boy, bed....etc, etc. I consumed the entire book and felt satisfied with my day.
{Book I consumed was The Monster of Florence. Non Fiction. Yeah, I read a Non Fiction. It left me feeling exhausted and filled with knowledge. Also, it made me never want to live in Italy. It was however the best nonfiction I have ever read. Especially since the Author had such a huge understanding of the Monster of Florence and had his own personal experiences with the case. He brought an awesome perspective. The beginning was lengthy as they went into the crimes and details but the 2nd part of the book was amazing and I am glad I was patient with it. I highly suggest it.} 

{The recipe I ate during my reading session was CrockPot Chicken Cordan Bleu. It was yummy.}  

During my reading marathon me and Anthony had a conversation. It went something like this....

Anthony: I don't feel good at all. My throat hurts.
Linds: Well maybe if you had an amazing immune system like me you wouldn't have this problem.
Anthony: Yeah cuz you have an amazing immune system.
Linds: I NEVER get sick! EVER! The last time I got sick was 2 years ago and before that it was 2 years. I have an immune system like..........an...........um........
Anthony: hmmmm
Linds...............like an OX!
Anthony: Wow

I admit I was cocky. I pride myself in my hand washing and hand sanitizer use. Also, I was constantly sick when I was a nanny for the 6 month old twins years ago and as soon as I left that job I hardly ever got sick. I blame/thank them for my super hero like immunity to bacteria. Then Sunday night rolled around.....

"Weird, my throat is itchy." Anthony got a huge grin on his face. "Like an ox huh?" I then explained to him that it was probably in my head because I was tired of taking care of him and in return was faking the illness so I could get some sympathy. He was not convinced. Monday morning I woke up with a full blown nasty cold.


Patients don't like it when they approach a desk and see the receptionist with a snotty nose and swollen eyes. I tried to use as much hand sanitizer as I could until I got some on a customer receipt. "Omgosh, that isn't snot that is hand sanitizer....Honest!" She was not convinced. Not only was I under the weather, half the staff was suffering as well. It is hard to get some lovin when everyone else is wanting sympathy.

Because we hit our weekly goal last week, we were rewarded with free lunch.....from a local Chinese buffet. Yuck. I decided that instead of getting greasy food I would get a salad and then a couple egg rolls and call it good. I filled my plate with a beautiful salad filled with all sorts of topping and my favorite dressing, French. Picture me sitting with 4 other people at a table. 3 of us were sick. It was nasty as I watched us devour our food. Left leg balanced my snot rag, right leg balanced my face napkin. I took a couple of bites of my salad and realized something wasn't right.........That is not French dressing, that is ketchup. Why they would put a tub of ketchup next to the dressings is beyond my comprehension. I gave up all hope of being healthy and went back for some weird shaped chicken and low mein. We finally left after the boys decided to play fear factor and scarfed down octopus, oysters and frog legs. I was feeling way less than awesome.

I left work early and collapsed on the couch. Monday night I didn't get a lot of sleep. I got up a couple of times to pee, a couple of times to brush my teeth (I hate the taste of a cold), and once to share a dream with Anthony while he took my temperature. Infomercials were awesome. Goooder was almost set free after I heard him throw his body against the side of the tank every 30 seconds. So what if I turned his light off? I get that he couldn't see where he was going but I needed sleep and the couch is right next to the tank. I maybe got 3 hours of sleep. It was awful.

Tuesday {Today}

The alarm finally went off and I stared at myself in the mirror. I will describe how I looked. I looked like a dirty, cheap, hooker who hadn't showered in a week and had been hit by a garbage truck. I must not have washed my eye makeup off completely because I had an awesome black streak across my face. My eyes were swollen. My nose was bright read and dry. The thought of going into work was defeating. I somehow managed to find the most hideous outfit to compliment the way I felt and off to work I went. I made it 4 hours. All but two people at work were sick and my constant hacking was not welcomed kindly by the patients. As soon as the other receptionist arrived at 11, I left.

The house looks like someone has died in it. Here is a picture of my living space right now.

Scouts is tonight. That is not going to happen. My boogers are a beautiful bright yellow. Grandma always advised that if your boogers were yellow you had an infection....yeah, attractive right?

In the moment I am feeling low. I have my fat girl sweats on and I am watching "Ribs Paradise", a documentary on the best bbq on the travel channel. Day time television sucks.

What have I learned from the last couple of days?

#1 Don't get cocky. Did Spiderman get cocky? He sure did! And what happened? He lost Mary Jane for a time. What I mean is, consequences come to those who get cocky.
#2 Treat your significant other with sympathy and kindness when they get sick. If not it will turn into a competition when you in turn get sick....
"My knees ache."
"Oh yeah, well my whole body aches.....I bet I have the flu."
"You would know if you had the flu, its just a cold."
"Nope, I have the flu."
"Fine, you win. You have the flu."
#3 Don't read a book about a serial killer that has never been caught if you plan on sleeping downstairs....feet away from the front door. If you somehow manage to surpass the drainage and head throbbing, the thought of having your organs cut out with a scuba knife will keep you up.

On a side note, I apologized to Goooder for keeping him in the dark last night. Also, I don't go around staring at my boogers every time I sneeze. I got a glimpse yesterday.....I wasn't searching them out.....it just happened.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for your comments!


The DeGiulio's said...

So sorry your sick :-( i can totally relate with your #2 i felt so.bad i wasnt nicer & didnt take better care of shad when he was sick & i ended up with it a few days later & he took.care of me & mostly.bailee he even called in sick. Its been nasty this winter with.sickness. And the worst is having to go to work sick. At least i had a mask on but its awful when you have a runny nose & keep sniffing. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Alicia said...

Daytime TV really does suck, especially the 4:00 hour. Any way, I would love to say I'll take your lessons to heart, but I know I'll still do #1 & 2 and then regret it later.

Hope you get better soon.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I nearly busted a gut laughing so hard! I'm sorry you are sick. And I'm sorry Anthony gave you 0 sympathy. what a poop nugget. Feel better!