Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hospital Trip & Pie

What a week! Monday and Tuesday were typical days. School on Monday and Scouts on Tuesday. Then came Wednesday.......

I had my day all planned out:
7:00:Arrive to work
12:00 Leave work
12:10 Arrive at home to change into scrubs
12:30 Leave the house and head to Layton so I could complete the following:

       {Restorative and Preventative Dentistry Quiz, Practice Sealants on the dummy, Work 3 hours in the clinic before Class at 6:00}

This is how it actually turned out:

12:10 Arrived at home and changed into Scrubs
12:15 Got call from distress
12:30 Headed to his office to pick him up
12:45 Checked into Hospital
5:15 Checked out of Hospital
5:35 Dropped Anth off at home
5:36 Hauled butt to Layton for Class
8:35 Home 
9:00 Bed

Why the hospital visit? Well, remember that link I posted just a couple of days ago about the last time Anthony was in the hospital? Well, same thing. Since that visit he was suppose to be taking some pills to prevent this from happening. He stopped taking the pills. The pills would help the acid reflux from causing swelling of the esophagus. Without those pills his esophagus becomes narrow and thus making it hard to swallow big pieces of food. He swallowed a piece of chicken and it got stuck in his throat. He can breath but whenever he swallows spit the spit has no where to go so he has to spit it out in a cup/garbage can/sink....its disgusting.

We first tried nitro which is a muscle relaxer. The food did not go down. Then we tried some pill that induces vomiting. This also did not work. So......endoscopy surgery was scheduled. They went in and got it out. 

While Anthony was getting surgery done I was walking down the hall to the waiting room and because I was in my scrubs I had 2 people ask me where the check in desk was. "Well it is just around the corner, the young man will ask you for your i.d and insurance card so make sure you have those on hand." Then someone asked me where the bathroom was. It was very comical. 

After he woke up I cleaned him up (how nice of them to leave chunks of food in his beard and clothes). We got him checked out and I realized that I was luckily going to make it to my 2 hour class. PHEW! He felt super bad for messing up my day. I wasn't too nice to him because I was super stressed out but it has all worked out. I made up my clinical hours on Friday. I will have to do my quiz and practicals this coming week. I have sympathy for him but at the same many times have I told him to take those pills to prevent this from happening again? I made him take me to dinner on Friday night. He said he would also take me to a movie one night to redeem himself lol. 

Saturday was busy. I worked a couple of hours and then came home and we ran some errands. I then quickly whipped up a pie for the annual Ellis Family Ornament Christmas Party. We were only able to stay from 3:00-5:30 because we then met Jolene & John (Mom and Dad in law) at Temple square. We looked at lights and then had soup and dessert at their house afterwards. We are still full from all the eating yesterday! As much fun as we had, I am glad that this week is over. This coming week is my last full week of school. The 22nd is graduation! CRAZY! 

 I so look forward to Christmas when we can just relax with family. I am so over being stressed!

On a side note, here is the Caramel Pie I made. It was really easy and yummy.

I used a premade crust. Bake as directed. After crust has cool mixed 1/4 a cup of chopped pecans and 1/2 a cup of caramel sauce. Layer bottom of crust. 

In the meantime blend 2 packages of cream cheese and 1 cup of caramel sauce. Fold in 1) 8oz package of thawed cool whip. Do not over mix. Pour in pie crust and cool in fridge for at least an hour or two before serving. After cooling add pecans and a drizzle of caramel. It is rich but so delightful. And so simple! I love that the only baking is the crust. Super easy!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and stress free weekend!


Alicia said...

Men, don't you just love how they make life interesting.

You're pie look delicious. But to be honest when I read miracle whip I thought of the stuff you put on sandwiches and thought gross. I can't believe she'd use that. Then I was like duh whip cream...

Maybe I need a longer weekend.

simply heidi said...

Oh dear, how stressful!
On a side note - your pie looks yummy, but I was still stuck on "chunks of food in his beard" so I couldn't fully enjoy it. :)

Tyrel said...

Linds - tell Anthony to take his dang pills. Jack has the exact same thing and every time he stops taking we end up in the ER. Your pie looks delicious. Can you mail me one? Thanks, i will wait for it in the mail :)

Ashley said...

I wouldn't have been nice to my husband either! Talk about stress. Your pie looks delish, I think I'll try it, but I'll have to leave the pecans out... think it would still be good? Good luck with finishing school!

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Men only think of themselves sometimes... good news is, I want to eat that pie!

Jan DeGiulio said...

Sorry about the hospital! That pie was YUMMY!