Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Owlidays...get it?

Shanna and I met for dinner tonight after my clinicals. We are not great at keeping secrets from each other so it is always really hard to hold presents for each other for very long during this time of the year.

As soon as we arrived at dinner we sat in the car and exchanged gifts. Shanna went first. She got a pair of pj pants, some slipper boots, and a fabric ipad case from Etsy. She has been wanting a case for a little bit now. Then came my turn. I first opened up these beauties...

Umm hello! Are they not the cutest mugs ever? I love the little owl inside! I absolutely love owls! She is such a great gift giver. Next came my second gift....

It is a case for my Nook! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  It is the cutest fabric ever and I cannot think of a better home for my nooky nook. The button is the best part..."I like reading. Reading's my favorite." LOL how hilarious.

I love that we basically got each other the same thing. Covers for our tablets lol. No wonder we are friends! I found it absolutely hilarious.

Dinner was fantastic. I enjoyed pizza, lasagna, garlic bread  (hello carbs!) and 2 glasses of Dr. Pepper to rid me of my headache (I get a headache anytime I do clinicals...too much thinking occurs and my brain can't handle it lol). We decided that we enjoyed ourselves so much that we should gift exchange every month (;

Thanks again Shanna for being such a great friend and gift giver. I will cherish my owl treasures forever! Love ya tons!

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