Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Interview Experience

I love giving more than receiving.....especially when it comes to interviews.

As you may remember, I have quite the history with interviews. If I could, I would be a professional interviewer. Like as a career. I would wear a pencil skirt, scary square framed glasses and intimidating high heels to show I was in charge. Maybe it is a desire of mine to feel in control and boss like...this has always been a secret dream of mine.....secrets out.

Friday I found myself on the other end of this dream. Would that make it a nightmare? I have been putting my feelers out there. You know, seeing what the Dental Assisting market is like. After communicating with some chick from a Sandy dental clinic I found myself in an uncomfortable chair in a small office room. I wasn't nervous which seemed weird to me. Anxiety and an uneasy stomach usually means I know that I need to put my A-Game on and perform. Instead I sat down and started stuttering. I was asked to tell a little about myself, what came out was that I was married (who cares?) and that I lived in Taylorsville (another unnecessary fact). I told her I was graduating soon and was ready to start my "career".

After I finished that cherry of a  line she started talking....and talking.....and talking some more. Not once was I asked my extent of my education or knowledge of any procedure. I could have come off the street for all she knows. Instead I think she was under the assumption that I had at least a bachelors. What follows are a couple of red flags that led me to the conclusion that this job wasn't going to be a right at all. Like as bad a fit as skinny jeans on a chubster after Thanksgiving dinner. Picture it....ahh see? Not good.

"The schedule isn't a set schedule. Every week you will fight for hours with the 2 other assistants."
-key word is fight. Hmmmm doesn't that sound lovely. 
"Uneducated employees would start at $8.50, because you are educated you would start at $9.50."
-Glad I spent $3000 on this course (: I might as well stay at my current job for that pay. 
"We do not do amalgam fillings. Due to a lawsuit (a patients tooth split open), we no longer fill teeth with amalgam but fill with white composite now. That was a good question. I am glad you brought that up this early. We will never speak of this again."
-Does that seem sketchy to anyone else? Amalgam is as taboo as Voldemort is to the wizarding world.
"Okay well I have you set up for a working interview on Monday. Come in your scrubs and work for 4-5 hours. I won't be here so just work a couple of hours and let me know if you want the job or not."
-uhhh what? I can barely do a filling! You don't even know what I am capable of doing....aka killing! Do I get a babysitter to watch me?

Needless to say I left the parking lot and took a good 2-3 thought provoking minutes and decided it wasn't going to work. She told me twice that they were at half staff and I completely felt like they just needed a body to cover the shifts. I am not that person. I still have a lot to learn and I want a clinic that will train me...not just throw me in a chair and hope that I figure things out. Nope...won't do it.

It was a huge learning experience and the dentist I am working under thoroughly enjoyed my story. Next time around I am going to let the interviewee understand that I have a lot to learn but at the same time I am a quick learner and very adaptable. That way I am not thrown into things to quickly. The thought of a job as a dental assistant is horrifying but I know that I will be fine if I can just find the right place.

This was fun (big pile of sarcasm) but I think I will stop searching for jobs until after the holidays. I need a freaking break. I need life to slow down. I need a bottle of nyquil and a day to just sleep it off.


Kelsey said...

Wow!! Your stories are seriously so funny! :) I don't know if I've told you but I assisted for 5 years before I had my babies and loved it! You'll find a job the perfect job for you. Good luck!

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Doesn't it make you wonder how these places stay in business? I don't think I'd want to go to a dentist who just throws his assistants in. That sounds so sketchy!

The DeGiulio's said...

Sounds like it was a good learning experience. I definitely wouldnt want to work in an office like that. There are lots of other offices out there, dont settle for just anyone.

Jan DeGiulio said...

Love your stories! I'm sure I love to hear your experiences more than you like having them. Good luck in finding the perfect job!