Sunday, August 28, 2011


Oh the fair! The sticky apples, creaky old rides, stifling sweaty bodies bouncing off each other in hopes of getting a better view of the prized bunny or turkey.Yesterday after work, Anthony and I drove down to Tremonton for the Fair. Anthony has evaded the fair for 6 years now. I thought it was due time he got to experience this towns at its full potential. We picked Jaden up from my brothers in Brigham. Josh just had surgery on his ankle on Thursday and is suppose to be off his feet for 2 weeks....yikes. Alexa was staying home with Varinia since she hasn't been feeling so well. Poor thing. I am glad Jaden was able to get out of the house with us though. He had a blast. I took a couple of pictures on my phone but they didn't turn out so well. He did some rides, was bored in the exhibits and thoroughly enjoyed the bunnies. After about 3 hours we were sticky from the heat and all we needed to finish the day was a fair burger and a piece of pie. Anthony had a good enough time, I think I will be able to get him back there in a year or two. Every year seems like a bit much though.
Below is Jaden on the big slide. I was so amazed when he said he was going on it. He is such an independent little guy. He looked so little as he climbed the many stairs by himself with his balloon in tow around his wrist. He looked back numerous times for reassurance. He is such a stud! He made it to the very top and was so impressed with himself when he got to the bottom.

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