Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not Impressed

If you remember many months ago I was super excited to have in my possession a gift certificate for laser hair removal. The anticipation has been almost more than I could bare these last couple of weeks. I called in late May to make the appointment. The earliest appointment I could get was August 25th. I was completely shocked with how long I was going to wait but I knew that the wait would definitely be worth it. I marked it on a calender at my house as well as marked it in my phone calendar. I made sure that the receptionist got my email so she could send me a reminder.....just in case.

Days, weeks, and months past and yesterday finally arrived. I waited all day for the confirmation of my appointment and it never came. I called numerous times last night. I had the hardest time making the appointment to begin with.....they are super busy and you very rarely can get anyone to answer. So this morning I left a message stating that I needed to confirm my appointment. Finally at lunch I realized I had a voicemail saying that they wanted me to call back to confirm. I then called 4 or 5 times and finally got someone to answer the phone.

"What is your name? It's Lindsey Lyman, I made the appointment months ago, I have one for today but I haven't received the confirmation email." She then went on to state that they didn't have my name in their system at all. I was so upset! She then mentioned that they had switched their scheduling system and it might have been deleted......perfect.

I told her I needed an appointment! She was nice and told me that she could definitely get me in today still. 4:00 was my new appointment time and I was so relieved!

I was really busy at work today and I left a couple of tasks that should have gotten finished but instead I knew I had to get home so I could shave my legs and.....arms. I have never shaved my arms. I had to use a beard trimmer.

I set off for downtown and arrived at 3:45. I signed in and the lady got my name and had me fill out the paperwork. I handed it back to her by 4:00. People started to come and go and I continued to sit there. 3, 4 5, people behind me were pulled to rooms and I started to get agitated. "Why am I not going back?"

At some point I heard a esthetician state that there was no receptionist today and while laughing she mentioned to another coworker that "we finally hit 85 messages on the voicemail."  Another conversation I was able to overhear was a patient that was confused as to why her next appointment was 2 months out instead of 6 weeks. "I was told that I shouldn't go longer than 6 weeks in between sessions or it isn't as effective." The worker than agreed and said "yeah, but we just can't get you in sooner, we are way too busy."

Finally someone asked me my named and asked me what I was getting done and how long I had had my appointment. I mentioned that I had called today and confirmed my appointment and the issue at that point. "Weird, I don't even have you on the schedule for today." She said okay and walked off. 4:30, tick tock, 4:45 tick tock. I have now been there for an hour. WHY WAS I NOT ON THE SCHEDULE AGAIN?

A guy came and sat next to me and we had a conversation about the twilight series downtown. Then 5 or 6 people came in and sat down. I finally lost it and went to the counter. I told the lady that I had been there since 3:45 (it was now 5:00) and that I would need to make a new appointment. She smiled at me and told me that a cancellation had happened (lucky me) and that she could get me on Monday at 4:00. SHE DID NOT APOLOGIZE. She smiled, handed me the card and that was that.

Not only did I miss work and shaved my friggin arms but I could have been home working out! I can't believe how many coworkers passed me by without a word. All the other patients waited less than 5 minutes so why was I neglected? I am beyond frustrated. I left with a huge headache. You know that feeling when you are a kid? You wait and wait and wait for an event to happen, like Disneyland, just to be told that Mom or Dad is sick so the trip is cancelled? Remember the feeling in your heart you felt? The bitterness, the anger, the sadness? Thats how I feel! I want to shred the gift certificate up! I want to tell them to piss off and never see them again! I came home and vented to Shanna. Anthony walked in the door and like a 5 year old I actually dropped a few tears because I was so mad.

He was upset as well and plans on writing them an email. I plan on calling them tomorrow. I am not impressed.

Anyways, this was not the blog I wanted to share tonight. I planned on a witty laser post, one maybe even with an embarrassing story from my trip. Instead, I am pissed off.

Sorry for the rant.

Love, Linds


Debbie said...

I'm so sorry. It's terrible when you are so excited about something and it all goes wrong. There's nothing worse than sitting in a group of people and feeling completely invisible, believe me, I know. Hopefully Monday will be great and totally worth it and then NEVER go back to that place again, whoever they are!

Jan DeGiulio said...

SO sorry! Hope it goes better Monday. AFTER it's done yell a them for their stupidity. But not like you got yelled at on the phone at work by the crazy lady about the crazy...

The DeGiulio's said...

I would be pissed & frustrated too. The whole thing sounds bad. Bad customer service too. I hope Monday goes better for you.

Shanna said...

Dear Lindsey,
I cannot get over how awful you were treated and I cannot wait to hear how it goes with their manager...assuming they have one. After giving it careful win.
Love, Shanna

Kelsey said...

Lindsey!! Your too nice! I would flipped right there! That's so rude. I'm so sorry you had to go through that!! :(