Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Epic Post: Blanding Trip

Blanding: A small town about an hour(ish) south of Moab.

Every couple of years we venture down to this town for the annual Lyman family reunion. The drive is about 5 hours long and I always seem to get that defeating feeling in the pit of my stomach upon arrival. This feeling comes from the realization that “no, this is not another pit stop, we are here.” It doesn’t take long for that feeling to go away though. There are so many loving people in this small town.

We were down in Blanding for 5 days. Friday we arrived late, around 10 and we left early Tuesday around 12. I will try to keep this post as short as possible, although there is a lot to fit in.

On our way! Took this photo, realized how ridiculous these glasses are and tucked them in the glove box, never to be worn again.

Friday: After feeling blessed to have not hit numerous suicidal deer on the way in, we arrived at Grandpa Rays house. We said our hellos and then we were off to bed in Debbie and Leonards motor home that they were so kind to share with us. We bunked up with not only Debbie and Leonard, but also Erin and her new hubby, Jon, and……Duba and June. Duba is a tiny shitzu and June is a mix between a bull dog and pit bull. She’s a big girl. Needless to say we were cozy. I slept horrible the first night due to 5 adults + Duba snoring, and June panting due to being excited for the sleepover.

Saturday: Grandpa took us on a tour in his rock shop next door. It is really awesome to look at all the different rocks and mostly to hear him talk about where he got them and his pure joy with sharing those experiences with his family.

Grandma took us to the “Mall”. Alco. Grandma wasn’t too impressed with me. We were walking down the “As seen on TV” isle and she gave this cherry of a quote, “Alco has such classy stuff!” I thought she was being sarcastic so I responded with a chuckle and possible half eye roll. Needless to say I didn’t score any points with Grandma but I did score a muffin maker… recently seen on tv. I feel like I got out of Alco with more dignity then another family member though. This member got a discussion on condoms. Alco is a classy place. I will not forget my experience there any time soon.

After our shopping spree we went to the reservoir. It was so pretty! The weather was so nice and everyone had such a great time. The boys caught fish. Duba enjoyed the shade. Erin babysat June and let her swim around (I have never seen a happier dog!) while me and Debbie enjoyed some reading.

I may have taken a muscle relaxer this night. I may have gotten the best night sleep ever. Problem solved.

Sunday: Muffin Making! While Debbie cooked some potatoes to be used up while we were camping I decided to bust out my new muffin maker. I made Erin my personal assistant and she was so helpful! We both were sweating like obese pigs in the motor home but it was so fun. I made a ton and they were yummy. Best $16 I've ever spent.

We drive up to camp (called Bears Ears) and set up the tents. Me and Anthony made yummy dutch oven sloppy joes for dinner for everyone. Took a hike to the edge of the mountain and looked at the small city lights. I am going to confess and tell everyone that I am terrified of the dark. I mostly am terrified of being outside in the dark. Lets add some creepy mountains and some leering glowing deer eyes and I was pretty much panicking the entire 45 minute walk to and from the edge. It was around 9 at night and I was a wreck. On our way back Jon stumbled over a root and the poor guy had a swollen ankle the next day. SEE! Walking in the dark is a bad idea….although the edge was awesome. I would do it in heartbeat again… the light of day.

haha such a corny picture! We look like rednecks. Anth Caption: Look here! I gots me a wife! Linds Caption: Hey hey! Look at my calf

Monday: 4th of July! The day Blanding throws a big parade. Debbie wanted to stay back at camp and babysit the dogs. I felt as a good daughter in law I should stay back and entertain her. Plus I hate that hour long trip down the mountain. I finished a book and started another one. We walked the dogs and swatted at the pesky gnats. It actually was really relaxing up on the mountain by ourselves. When everyone got back we anticipated the arrival of the extended family. When they arrived we have tin foil dinners and then took a trip to the edge and watched the fireworks provided from the cities below. This time we drove in Erins and Jons 6 wheeler. No creepy deer fears for me. Favorite moment of this day was when an adorable 4 year old locked their cute little self in the port a potty. Hims was smart though, he knew exactly what he was doing. All the grandkids are so adorable! I thought of taking several of them home.

"Can you hear me now? Good!"

Tuesday: Had breakfast, cleaned the tent, got my craft (Thanks Jan!) and drove home. Once we got home we quickly emptied the car, showered and got our scouting clothes on and headed to scouts. By time we got home we were exhausted!

In conclusion, (finally, thanks to anyone still reading) it was a fun time and we will return soon. I was bummed that we didn’t get to see the extended family as much as I would have liked but at least we got to go. I am left with wonderful memories and about 15 mosquito bites…two of which are on my heel and bottom of my foot. No, that is not a pleasant place for a bite.

Oh and p.s I am going to brag. After sacrificing numerous times while on this trip I somehow managed to lose 1/2 a pound. WHAT? Who loses a pound after camping? I thought for sure I would have gained a pound or 3. I did so good and almost cried the one morning when I had one packet of oatmeal and a plum while everyone else chowed on bacon, pancakes, potatoes and eggs. The sacrifice paid off. I am offically down 20 pounds. YAY! 30 more to go.

Okay sorry, I am done. The end!


Shanna said...

Wow, I feel like you need a vacation to recover from all of the fun you had on this vacation. Camping is so much work...I'm glad you enjoy it:)

I am so proud of you! 20 pounds is a huge accomplishment, especially with a vacation thrown in there. Bravo!

Erin Wilson said...

I think this was a trip that I will definitely never forget! Thanks for hanging in there with the dogs and all. We were so glad you guys were there. And we are definitely going to the "mall" again for more "classy" experiences :)

Tyrel said...

i am glad you guys came down. Your pics made blanding look really pretty! :)