Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yesterday after work I headed down to Farmington to visit Shanna. We decided to hang out at the Bountiful pool for a little bit since it was such a hot day. I didn't do much swimming, basically just sat in the 2 inch deep water and then glared at the children when they would spray me with the water guns attached to the play ground. While she did some laps I took the opportunity to catch up on some reading on me Nook. Yes, it is new and I love it to pieces!

After we "swam" we of course had to eat. We don't do anything together unless it involves eating. Hench, the reason we get along so well (: We drove to Layton and enjoyed some Zupas. We then decided to visit Ross and DSW since they were right there.

Ross wasn't fruitful but we had a stellar time in DSW. We cruised the clearance aisle and tried on dozens of shoes, I bet we were there for an hour. It was a riot! We both tried a pair of boots on and I instantly knew that they would go home with me. They were originally $60 but I got them for $40. They are kind of cowboyish looking which normally I absolutely hate but after putting them on they were so cozy....I couldn't say no. I had a ton of guilt and anxiety (didn't want the Mr. mad at me) but the overwhelming beauty and comfort of the shoe led me to put all feelings aside. I'll just fold some laundry when I get home....that will calm him down.

After we made our purchase we went to her house and we got to play with her 6 month old nephew Kaden. He is the cutest lil man ever and it was so fun to feed, bathe and clean up his throw up! I left smelling really bad but it was such a fun night!

When I got home Anthony wasn't home yet so I quickly folded some clothes. When he arrived he was in a chipper mood thus leading me to believe that showing him my boots wouldn't lead to a physical altercation. I am bruise free today! YAY! He thought they were pretty fancy and no lecture about shopping addictions came up. I wore my boots to church today and I just love them! See corny church photos below. Closing statements.......Anthony has never beat me. If he ever does though, you will be the first to know, I will post the evidence on this blog (:


Shanna said...

They are soooo cute! I'm glad there wasn't a lecture invovled...which is surprising. I'm also glad you had a good time last night, lol...babysitting on Saturday is pretty much my weekend highlight these days. I'm also glad your shirt came out stain free:)

Alicia said...

Cute boots. I love that you felt the need to put in a closing statement. I don't see Anthony ever beating any one, unless of course they hurt you.

The DeGiulio's said...

Those boots are so cute! I have never been in that store I will have to check it out next time IM out there. Love Zupas SO excited they are opening one in Riverdale.