Sunday, May 15, 2011

Portion Control

I know why I am overweight. It is my portion control and my constant desire to bake and create all things delicious. Lately I have been dieting and cutting back on my portions. On a normal night when we would have spaghetti I wouldn't use a plate. I would completely fill a bowl to the brim and cover it with cheese and then top it off with some greasy cheesy bread. Tonight was different.

I used Veggie Spaghetti, organic marinara sauce and morning star grill crumblers. I love morning star. The fake chicken patties made entirely of veggies are delicious and the grill crumblers look like hamburger and taste pretty good. I used the crumblers in the spaghetti sauce and it was pretty good. I need to start incorporating fruit and veggies in my dinner plans more often. Its an excellent way to get filled you up thus keeping you from eating other more caloric items. I am trying to drink lots of water as well.

My dieting isn't extreme like times past. No lemon/maple syrup detoxing or ridding myself of any particular food item. I am just being smarter. I am taking it slow and I know that this will be easier to keep the pounds off in the future. I am limiting myself to 1200 calories a day and it has been effective thus far. Saturdays I watch what I eat but I don't really count calories as I know that it is pretty much impossible to be good that day due to always being away from home. Plus, it is always a good idea to have a "splurge" day every once in awhile.

One thing I do need to be careful with is my sugar intake. Yesterday I was extremely dizzy and nauseated to the point that when I would close my eyes I couldn't tell what was up or down. I then got a huge headache and I was pretty much miserable for half of the day. After thinking about what I had eaten I decided to go get half of a leftover cupcake without frosting. Within 5 minutes my dizziness subsided and I could function again. It was a huge awakening as to how careful I need to be.

On a different subject I am excited for our little indoor herb garden. Things are coming along well and I can't wait to cook with these herbs when they are all finished! Hooray!

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