Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A++ Day (Semi)

A couple of things that happened today.

I got in an argument with Faith Bible (yes her real name) today about hairless cats. I find them to be the most unattractive house pet imaginable. I would rather have a shedding snake or underweight pug than to stare at this rat all day. Just thinking about it eating or licking itself makes me want to purge. She argued that they are adorable and are so ugly that it makes them attractive. I disagree...... 100%
After work I walked for 4 miles and than came home and complained of back pain for the remainder of the day. This will be discussed at my doctors appointment on Thursday. What a joyous post that will be. Nothin like sharing your doctors visit with the world, right?

After my walk I made 1 ingredient banana ice cream. It is the most amazing thing ever! You peel a very ripe banana, slice it up and place it in the freezer. Then when frozen you blend them into a creamy ice cream. It is like a Christmas miracle in your mouth! I was skeptical but it totally works. Next time I will put walnuts in it. Yum!

After my snack we got ready for scouts. We grabbed the car keys and we walked out the door and as soon as I closed the door I realized that I had taken the house key off the key ring when I went walking....thus locking us out.

At scouts we learned about the food pyramid. We got to color and I was thoroughly impressed with how my pyramid turned out. To be honest I pretty much blocked out the children squeals around me and focused all my attention to my coloring and cutting and gluing. I was a really good leader tonight.

After scouts we drove to his dads to get a spare house key. I am so grateful they are organized and knew exactly where it was. Thanks Debbie!

When we got home I placed my pyramid on the fridge and Anth found a Red Marker and put a A++ and a smiley face in the corner (not pictured, this happened after the picture, i'm too lazy to take another photo). It made my day and all the tiresome other crap that happened didn't really matter. My art is good, because he says so.


Alicia said...

First of all, I agree with you on the hairless cat thing. Totally ugly and not at all cute. Second, I've been wanting to try the 1 ingredient ice cream thing for oh, a really, really, really, really long time. I just forget and by the time I remember my bananas aren't so ripe anymore. Third, good for you for taking a walk. I've been a bum all day and also have been pigging out on potato chips. Also, locking yourself out really sucks. It also really sucks when you lock yourself out while your kid is napping. (Umm...does that make me a bad parent?) Last of all, your art is wonderful! Totally worth the A++.

The DeGiulio's said...

Yeah I agree hairless cats are just blah & yucky. Im going to try that banana ice cream next time sounds delicious especially with some nuts in there. Thats great you walked 4 miles. We love walking around our neighborhood & down on the path. Wish the weather would just stay nice though

nathan said...
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Mariel said...

Yay! You're back! I've missed this :).

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Hairless anything is gross. I made pineapple sorbet once, it was heavenly! If I liked bananas, I'd totally make this ice cream! Sorry you locked yourself out. Been there done that.

Khinna Kaminske said...

We love banana icecream too. This works well with frozen mango too.

Kelsey said...

I totally agree!! Hairless cats look like rats! That banana ice cream looks soo good! I'm going to peel a banana right now and freeze it so I can try it!! :) Hope your doing well!!