Sunday, May 22, 2011

{The Wedding!}

No, I am not talking about Kate and William, that is so old news. Yesterday was Anthonys little sisters wedding! It was the longest day of my life, but it also was such a wonderful day! I have 4 horrific pictures to share after I give a condensed version of the day. As soon as I get pictures from other family members I will add them, but for now I have some hideous phone pictures, of me LOL.

{6:00am}Alarm sounds, I hop in the shower
{7:00am}Finishing up hair and makeup. Hear Anthony complain about sore throat.
{8:00am}Leaving for Temple and waiting at temple for other family members to arrive
{9:00am}Temple Wedding Ceremony. So beautiful! There is nothing more wonderful than to see a bride cry tears of joy when saying "I do". There also is nothing more uncomfortable than to be sitting in the temple where it is the most quiet and peaceful place on the earth and being the one with a grumbly tummy. Dear Cameron, I apologize again for having to sit next to me during this.
{10:00am}Waiting to see Erin in her wedding dress and family pictures outside the temple grounds.
{11:00am}Standing around and figuring out what to do next. Finally eating breakfast which consisted of some sour grapes I had stashed in my purse and a breakfast bar.
{12:00pm}Arrival at the church and waiting for the caterer to arrive to prepare for luncheon.
{1:00pm}Luncheon. It was so so sweet to hear Leonard (Dad in Law) talk about his only daughter. P.s those are note rice crispy treats on the table, they are in fact heart shaped bird seed as a thank you gift from the bride and groom. They are adorable but not edible.
{2:00pm}Clean up after luncheon. Load up Terrain with luncheon leftovers to take to Jolenes.
{3:00pm}Unload at Jolenes and sit in living room and try to relax for a few minute, but not fall asleep.
{4:00pm}Reapply makeup and dress to prepare to leave for reception.
{5:00pm}Pick up Lime Tarts at Kneaders. Head to Wheeler Farm and set up tables and decorations. Can I mention that Wheeler Farm is adorable?
{6:00pm}Family pictures outside and last finishing touches on decorations. How should we display their wedding quilt? Lets argue over this for 10 minutes. (:
{7:00pm}Reception! Lots of cookies, tarts and lemon water were gobbled up.
{8:00pm}Hugging and conversing with people I am suppose to remember from years ago but can't seem to pinpoint knowing anything about them. First dance with bride and groom. First dance with me and in....we have never danced before....ever! It was cute.
{9:00pm}Anthony gets a fever. Head out and get some fresh air while we make fun of all the people dancing inside.
{10:00pm}Clean up receptions. Load up terrain with all of Erin and Johns presents, ready to take to Jolenes.
{11:00pm}Unload at Jolenes. Eat sandwich (first substance since 1:00) with family and converse about how comfy our beds will be.
{12:00am}Tear Nylons off in car. Brush teeth, wash face, put pjs on and collapse in bed. Snoring within 5 mins.

Erin and John I am so happy for the two of you. Erin, I am already so impressed with the way you are able to grasp motherhood and take care of these two precious kids and I know that you will continue to be great at it. I hope that you both remember to put each other first and that you always keep things light hearted and sincere. Love you both!
Bathroom shot at 7:30. Notice my white face and bright read neck. I might have went tanning the night before. I also might have been exhausted and fallen asleep in the warm cozy bed. It was only set for 12 minutes. I probably should have only gone in for 8.

This is an awful photo. You know the kind you do on your own. Although there were about 30 people around that could of helped, I took it upon myself to produce a lovely shot on my own. Epic fail. P.s it was bright. Also, can I mention that it was raining the last 4 days! What a huge blessing it was to have a clear day! It is rainy and yucky today! She totally lucked out!
This is the biggest disappointment to me....this photo. I look okay. Anthony....well he on the other hand looks like he is trying to work out some major math problem in his head or maybe this was his thought "I am going to blow up your brain with my eyes.......concentrate, concentrate." Yeah, totally failure of a shot.

This is all I got! No beautiful pictures of the reception or food from the luncheon, no family pictures. Nothing. BUT, I knew that Mike and Debbie would take a buttload so I will post some asap.

This was long enough. Thanks for reading!


Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Lindsey you are so gorgeous! I love your hair and your dress. I wish I were as cute as you!

The DeGiulio's said...

What a busy but wonderful day! Cant wait to see the pics.

Jan DeGiulio said...

It was fun to see you there! You looked great! As did the bride, groom, reception center and food!