Thursday, March 10, 2011

A map (I made in 5 mins)

Things have been so swell since Katie has left work on Friday. Monday and Tuesday was pure hell due to the fact that I was working from 7am-6:30pm so I could train the new receptionist. Yesterday and today was beautiful though. I am really happy with my decision to switch to the morning shift. After getting off work at 3, I have walked to the track near my house and it has felt so great to start working out again. The weather has been so fantastic and all in all I am a much happier me!

I have discussed this several times, but I would like to bring this up once again. I am scared of geese. I have never had a fear of geese before but lately I have found them to be absolutely terrifying. Below you will find a map of the trail by my house.

Okay so to begin the whole field is about 2 football field in length....I think. I will first walk the left loop 3 times then do the right loop 3 times and head home. This takes me about an hourish. It is a great work out...except this is home to geese. I use to walk the whole track to the left but geese have overrun it and so I have to cut through the brush and stickers (See Green Dash). Some geese are nicer than others.

Yesterday while walking I decided it would be best to name them as it is hard to fear a goose with a name (this thought did not work). Dilbert and Betty aren't so bad, they usually stay in between the two walkways. Duke and Tina are the worst. Duke is obviously in charge of security and surveying the land. He stands right in the middle of the track and stares at me. He does not move and yesterday I got about 7 feet from him. I thought that he would eventually move but instead he took a step towards me and I panicked and ran the other way. I don't know much about Candice and Eddie as Duke has never given me the chance to meet them.

The right loop is not as tense. Mava and Ted remind me of an old married couple. They go everywhere together and they stay by the water. When I get close they waddle away and for a split second I feel like I have things under control.

This was a completely waste of time for anyone reading it. My life is extremely boring right now. I am trying to rid of all the stress in my life and it has left me pretty content. I haven't even been on the computer at all this week. I go to bed at 9 or 10 and wake up at 6ish. I go to work, work out, shower, make dinner and go to bed and I am completely satisfied with that.

I hope every has had a delightful week! Hurray for Friday tomorrow!


Alicia said...

You made my week with your great story of the goose. I don't blame you for being afraid of them. I'm a little afraid of geese myself. They always seem to try and bite me. My father in law has been attacked by one, but that's a whole other story.

Matt and Shan Cole said...


You are a hoot!!! Thanks so much for the cute headband and the cute ponytail holders for McKinley. I still need to send you a pic of my headband. McKinleys hair is still not long enough for ponytails, hopefully soon and then I can email you pics of those too!!!