Monday, February 28, 2011

New Work Hrs & A Massage

Good News! The best news ever! Loud Mouth, Tooth Brush Chick is out!!!!

I cannot explain how wonderful this is. Not only do I get to move to the morning shift and get home at 3:00 instead of 7ish but I will not have to listen to her love life ever again. I tried, oh so hard to be civil with her but it never stuck. After the bosses finally realized that she wasn't the star employee that they thought she, finally threw in the towel and gave her two weeks.

The new receptionist has been an aid and is a very hard worker and I am excited to work along side someone that doesn't feel the need to talk about themselves continually for 8 hours. What a blessing it will be! This all goes into effect this coming Friday! Woohoo!

In other news I finally had a massage. This is huge! I absolutely hate anything to do with people touching me or dropping my skivvies. If you remember I struggled for the longest time in regards to getting my legs waxed due to the fact that they would......see my legs lol.

The massage was wonderful though! The room was almost completely dark and I was relaxed the majority of the time besides right at the beginning. She came in while I was still stripping down and I had to quickly cover up and yell at her to wait another minute. After explaining to her that I was nervous she was very professional and didn't do anything too crazy. Shanna was in the room next to me. She had the grand experience of someone standing on top of her back and massaging her back fat with their toes.....gross. I am so glad that did not happen to me. I would have freaked. After the massage me and Shanna went to Zupas and then I bought some new work and running shoes. Saturday was a beautiful day!


Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Oh I'm so happy that girl is gone, however I do miss your ranting episodes that she caused. And I'm so jealous you got a massage. I've been wanting one so bad! You one lucky lady!

Alicia said...

Yeah for new work hours. Yeah for no longer having to work with an annoying person. and most importantly Yeah for massages.

The DeGiulio's said...

I bet you are really happy that girl is gone. It drives me crazy how some people can sit & talk about themselves non stop its like hello conversations/friends etc. are two way thing. Glad you liked your massage & I love zupas!