Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Devil wears a shoulder sling

I have not been on the computer since my last post. It is crazy how just a couple of months ago all I could think about was when I would get the chance to be online and now I very rarely turn the computer on. Lately I have been going through some personal stuff that has left my thoughts pretty preoccupied. I want to blog and be active again but it just doesn't seem like a priority right now.

I do have a story to tell though. This is about a patient at work. He has a ridiculous name. Due to patient confidentiality laws I am not able to tell you his name but just know it is bad. He is in his 50's. I am sure he was placed on this earth to insult me anytime he can. You be the judge of this. I have 3 different examples.

Example #1
This was my first experience with Lester {his new pretend name}. He walked in and demanded that we get him set up for an evaluation. As I got him scheduled I noticed he was looking at my ring on my finger. He asked me if it was an engagement right and I told him that no, it was in fact a wedding ring and that I had been married for a couple of years now. This was his response:

"Hmm, well it looks like a engagement ring. Most husbands buy expensive huge diamond rings and they think that are doing themselves a favor but in fact they are shooting themselves in the foot because in the future they have nowhere to go because they have already purchased the best ring. Your husband must be smart because he got a small engagement looking ring. He will be able to get you something better and bigger in the future. Smart guy." I then assured him that I loved my ring and I didn't need anything bigger. He smiled at me in a way that made me believe that he thought I was lying.

Example #2
This is a second hand story. I was told he came in for an appointment and he was surprised to not see me. This was when loud mouth was still working here. He asked Katie (loud mouth) where the other girl was. "I know your name Katie. It is hard to forget your name. But I always forget the other girl, you know, the girl with long brown hair and the eyes that are too close together."

After hearing this story I went straight into the employee restroom and stared at myself for a good 5 minutes. I have never had issues with my eyes, and it pisses me off because I am constantly comparing my eyes to others now.

Example #3
Last week Lester had an appointment at 10:30 (the last appointment in the morning). He decided he would stroll in at 11:30, a mere 30 minutes before our lunch. A physical therapy sessions takes about an hour and a half....hence the reason we stop taking patients at 10:30. He came in and I immediately told him this and he said that he was really sick and he needed at least a heat pack and the ultra sound. I asked the therapist and they agreed to quickly see him. This is the conversation we had before he started his session:

Lester: I am so very sick today
Me: You look sick. (All good customer service goes out the door when he walks in)
Lester: I wish I could make out with you right now so you could get sick and feel how miserable I am right now. You want to make out with me?
Me: I wouldn't make out with you to save my life. But thank you for asking.
Lester: There is no need to thank me. I didn't ask you to be nice. I want you to feel miserable.

These 3 examples alone lead me to believe that a telemarketing job would be delightful. I am so tired of people treating me like crap. All the patients at work don't really like me because I am not "personable". They want me to talk to them about the recent Bon Jovi concert or their 80 grandkids or their recent surgery. I am not good with small talk. I have been told to quickly get their copay/coinsurance, get them scheduled for their next appointment and send them on their way. I am efficient and I do my job very well. But......a big but....I still am not liked because I don't care. I really don't. I have so many responsibilities. I don't have time to listen to you. I am friendly and I have great customer service, but I lack that personality. I would be great working with with altius/molina/ihc/uhc/pehp as a phone rep, explaining peoples benefits. All day sounds miserable but at least I wouldn't have to listen to peoples life stories and feel like a failure every day.

Anyways, clearly I have job commitment issues. If I didn't hate the learning period so much I would get a new job every year in hopes of eventually finding something perfect.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well. Again, sorry for the random rare posts.


Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Oh my heck what a dirt bag! I'm sorry you are having a rough time! For the record I think you are beautiful and when I worked at the Inn I always was so happy when you and Shanna came because I thought you were the nicest asst manager on earth. You were like the popular girls that everyone wants to be friends with. That guy just wants you to be miserable like him because miserly loves company.

Katrina said...

What a creepy guy - I would definitely be putting him in his place! And for the record, your eyes are not too close together - what a weird thing to say!

So, my mom works for IHC. If you are seriously considering another opportunity, you should talk to her. She might have some suggestions. I hope things get better for you!

Ashley said...

Hey Lindsey. I found your blog last week and I've been stalking you. I hope you don't mind! You're a very captivating writer. And I think you're hilarious. Just thought I'd say hi!

Tyrel said...

I'm sad..... I am going through major life with linds blog withdrawls. I could always count on you to put a smile on my face during a hectic day. You can't do this to your readers! :) PS - Havyn and I are RSVPing to Erin's reception. Don't know if it is kosher to do so on a leave a comment post, but I'm doing it.
Pps - sorry about the personal stuff that is keeping you from blogging, hopefully everything is okay.