Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hiking 2011 (Anthony)

Hi, this is Anthony. This is my first post on our blog and likely my last, unless I have more topics like this.

Now that I am done with school I would like to take my outdoor activities to the next level this summer and I am planning on doing some really fun and challenging hikes this. I have recently become very interested in canyoneering and have taken a course to get me started. It's a ton of fun and you get to see many places that the average hiker will never be able to see without the necessary gear and experience, as it can be somewhat dangerous.

Anyways, this year I have decided to do the top-down route for the Subway hike in Zions National Park on the last weekend of July, pending the permit approval process. I am looking to see if anyone is interested in joining me on this venture, including friends and family. If any of you have hiked the narrows with us then this hike will be somewhat similar, but tons more fun. Here's a link that describes what the route involves, gear required and difficulty. Also, make sure that you click the different tabs (i.e. Approach, The Business, Exit, etc...).

It will be a somewhat strenuous hike lasting approximately 8 or so hours and will have some short rappelling sections and some areas of very narrow slots and water falls. I believe that the longest rappel will be about 30 feet and I have all of the necessary gear with the exception that I will need a couple more harnesses and likely a couple more helmets. I know that some of you have some climbing gear as well (i.e. Mike, James, Erik, etc...), so if you're interested and don't mind your gear getting wet then we should be pretty well set. I will look into possibly renting some from REI if they are available.

This will be the during the hottest part of the summer in Zions, so if you are interested in joining us then make sure you are up to the task as this isn't for kids. So far it's just me and my mom (John and Linds will provide the transportation from the drop-off point to the pick-up destination). As Lindsey does not find these type of adventures the slight bit interesting (she told me to say that) she and John will not be joining us on the hike, but would rather read their books and sit in their lounge chairs in the sun.

Ideally I'd like to have at least six people on the hike, but no more than twelve as that's all that the permit will allow. If we end up with more than 12 people that are interested we will try to get another permit or something.
Since it's on a weekend and in Zions I will likely also do at least one more hike while we're down there.

That's all that I have for now, but you are welcome to call or text me with questions. I will be applying for the permit Thursday morning, so I'd like to get a number of those who are interested fairly quick and sorry for the short notice. Also, if you're all good to go except you're a little worried about the small rappels I will gladly practice with anyone who is interested as I will be doing this for myself and my mom anyways.

For enticement I have included the following picture gallery and video. (Kind of dramatic music, but give a good idea of the conditions and what you'll get to see.)

Thanks and hopefully some of you will want to join us. Also, I know that not all of my family will see this, so forward it on or mention it to them and I will also be talking to a few people.


Shanna said...

Anthony, this is a really great blog. However, the 8 jour hiking part was enough to push me away, the "hottest time of the year for Zions" definetly did it for me. I hope you can get a good group together, and that everyone survives.

terrah said...

Ah man, I've always wanted to do the Subway. I had friends who used to do it every year when I was in college, but the flooding made it impossible to do it the year I wanted to. We ended up doing Mystery Canyon ( instead which was very cool. Unfortunately, I'm probably not in shape enough to do it this summer. Have so much fun! And you'll have to do another post on here afterward, I'd love to hear about how it went and see your pictures.