Wednesday, July 14, 2010

potstickers and my melted heart

Whole Foods. Is there any place better? This store has inhabited a special spot in my heart. Rows of beautiful berries, vegetables, weird candy, soy milk treats, and unknown items fill the shelves. The prices are ridiculous. There must be some kind of magical odorless potion in the air because I can leave that store with 6 california rolls for 6.99 and I somehow feel like I got a bargain. All the food looks so good though, I would pay anything for the freshness of it all.

Today I ventured in to find something satisfying. I was feeling low about things, mostly in regards to this darn diet. All I wanted was a big fat piece of chocolate cake. Instead I grabbed some yummy apples and a salad with grapes, cranberries, walnuts and some chicken. It was beautiful. I also grabbed some vegetarian potstickers. Who knows how many calories are in that? It says vegetarian in the title so I'm going to pretend they are 0 calories. 

I decided that I could eat half of the potstickers and the salad for dinner. For lunch tomorrow I can finish the stickers with an apple.

As I walked around with my treasures in tow I looked around at all the happy people. All of the shoppers had semi smiles on their faces and the co workers weren't goofing around but were actually working. It is like a different world in that small building. They love where they work and they eat healthy and love being who they are. I know these things to be true. I could see it in their eyes.......don't doubt me. Knowing these things lifted my spirits and I too noticed my semi smile that was soon plastered on my face.

I soon approached the counter and the skinny cashier with an awesome tattoo on her wrist greeted me kindly. She then asked me the question I have to internalize every visit. "Do you want a bag for your items today?" It seems like a simple question, but in all reality she is asking "Do you want to go to Heaven or Hell?" I only had 3 items. They were all awkward to hold but I don't want to go to Hell. "No thanks, I can carry them out." Her face lite up, she winked at me and cheerfully announced, "MOTHER EARTH LOVES YOU FOR IT!"

My heart literally melted as I carried my items out. I say again, is there any place better than Whole Foods?


Jill's Adventures Throughout Sunny SoCal said...

haha! I love whole foods. Theres two within walking distance from me. One south, one north.

With this post, I shall follow you by telling my Trader Joe story...

terrah said...


Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I went there once, and actually thought it smelled bad... maybe it was all the soy milk and pot heads? ;) I'm teasing of course!

Shanna said...

Wow! This sounds like a truly magical experience. I miss our adventures to Whole Foods, I haven't been there in forever! thinking I should remedy that tom

Alicia said...

Never beem, but maybe I'll have to adventure in there one of these days. After all I go past one almost every day.