Sunday, July 11, 2010


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The fam headed up to Jordanelle Friday after work. This was our first camping trip this year and we all had a blast. Friday night we enjoyed banana boats and then quickly scattered for our own tents when a storm rolled through. I have never heard thunder so loud. It shook the ground a couple of times and I will admit it was intense and scary. It poured all night and luckily our little tent kept us dry. Others weren't so lucky.

Saturday when we woke up the sky was clear and the ground dried quickly. Saturday consisted of board games, fishing, cooking, jogging, splashing, relaxing, and catching up with the siblings.

Sunday morning it rain once again during breakfast but quickly warmed up around 11. We packed up and headed home where I was so happy to see my shower.

I would like to state that I ate what I wanted, I felt as if I deserved it. BUT I also would like to say that I am dealing with the consequences. I gained 6 pounds. I am freaking out, but I will work extra hard to get it off. I didn't eat out of control so I am hoping that it is water other excuse I can think of.

Regardless, the food was good, the company was even better and I have no complaints. It was an awesome weekend and I am so happy to have my family close. I love them all! Thanks Mom and Dad for getting the campsite for us!

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Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Oh man, I wanna go on a vacation! Looks like you had fun!