Sunday, July 11, 2010

Over Nighter

This is old news, but I wanted to get these pictures off of my desk top. I received a free night gift certificate to the Ann Inn when I quit a couple of months ago. Anthony and I decided to use it last weekend. I love going up to the Logan location because #1 the rooms are bigger #2 the rooms are newer #3 I feel like I am getting away.
We were lucky to basically choose any room we wanted since it was obviously a pretty low occupancy night. We decided on the La Hacienda room. It is roomy and the bed is super comfy. Here are a couple of pics. Once again we forgot the camera so these are phone photos. Please keep in mind that these poses are all super corny, do not judge Anthony in any way. They were all my idea and now that I look back at them, I agree.....they are cheesy. But we had a good time, and that is all that matters.


The Jensen Family said...

You are looking sooooo good!

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Your hair is so pretty, and long! Let's trade! And what did I tell you about that hammock?!

Shanna said...

#1. Our pics were better. Lizard pose...need I say more? #2. No you did-nt sit in that hammock after the warning we received!
Glad you had fun!