Friday, July 2, 2010

Week Review

It is Friday! Thank the holy heavens it is Friday! This week has been long and filled with tissues and cough drops. I came down with a nasty cold around Tuesday and it has gained strength while the days have progressed. I haven't had a cold since I left the Nanny business a little over 3 years ago! Crazy! I'm hoping I am back to tip top shape by Sunday. Me and Anthony are staying at the Anniversary Inn in Logan that night and I really don't want to be coughing the whole time we are there.

In regards to the HCG. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. I about had a melt down in Costco on Tuesday. Too many free samples and good food for me to look at. Thus far I have lost 6 pounds. Which brings the grand total to 33 pounds since February. I am hoping that I can continue until I leave for California, which yippee is only 3 weeks away. Cannot wait to lay on the beach!

This was a boring post. I am completely groggy due to nyquil, but I just wanted everyone to know that I'm alive and the diet is going well. Thanks for all of your support!



The Jensen Family said...

Good for you! Only 2 for me this week, I guess that's better than gaining.

The DeGiulio's said...

I know Casey from school she was in the dental hygiene program with me. I dont know her hubby too well but thats too funny your cousins.

Jill's Adventures Throughout Sunny SoCal said...

YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE....this month will fly by!

The Jensen Family said...

Loved your comment on my post. That is why I can't have Jillian Michaels come to my house and whip me into shape. I would just cry! Have a good day!