Sunday, July 18, 2010


This is what I have to stoop to these days. There are new neighbors next door. They are actually our age and they don't have children yet. There is a man and a woman as opposed to the lesbians behind us and the gays across from us. Let me state for the record that I in no way have a problem with same sex couples. Love who you love is my motto. But it has been difficult as I don't feel like we have a lot in common with our other neighbors.

The second I heard they were moving in and we shook their hands a couple of weeks ago I started scheming. How can we become friends with them? I thought about making cupcakes, but then decided that it would be too big of a risk. What if she is on a diet? Or worse, what if she finds a hair in it? It happens sometimes, don't tell me you haven't taken a bite of someones cooking and found a hair. It would ruin everything!

I bought them a gift yesterday. It is wrapped beautifully with a heart felt home made card attached. I hope that they see this gift and have no other option than to love us. Its a bird house. We'll see if it does the trick.

I want nothing more than to have a buddy next door. Out of eggs? No big deal, I will just steal them from the neighbors. Need someone to walk with at night? Well, luckily I have someone close by. I want this! I need this!

Bribery can be a useful tool.


terrah said...

Bribery is great! We've been meeting a lot of new people in our neighborhood this way too. I think people really appreciate it. And it's always nice to invite them to dinner too, it's a nice way to get know people, and it makes me clean my house!

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

That's a great idea! I hope they become friends with you!

Jill's Adventures Throughout Sunny SoCal said...

nothin worse than finding black hairs in cupcakes...we ALL have been there...hahahaha.

Shanna said...

I REALLY wish we lived closer! We would b great neighbors! It's such a shame. Oh well, things seem to b working out with least for the boys in the relationship:)