Friday, June 4, 2010

Paddle Away

Last Saturday (yes, it is Friday, I am a slacker) me and Anthony took a couple of hours and ventured into Liberty Park. I love it there, it was warm and pleasant and all the children and families were giggling and happy and basically the world was a better place. We strolled through the bird aviary and then paddled away on the pond in the paddle boats. I told Anthony that one day I was going to move away and live next to a pond where I could buy a paddle boat and have nice muscly calves due to all the paddling, there I would live happily ever after. I invited him. He never really accepted the invitation, but I would like to think that he approves and that he will do everything in his power to make it happen.

I have the ugliest feet in the world, I have come to terms with should you


Jan DeGiulio said...

FUN! I didn't know that was there. It looks like Rod and I need to take a stroll that way and have some fun! You DO NOT have ugly feet!

The DeGiulio's said...

Paddle boats are so fun! Sounds like a fun Saturday.

Jill's Adventures Throughout Sunny SoCal said...

Oh I love paddle boats! I was just telling chris how i wanted to go on one soon! I love the peacock pic!