Monday, May 31, 2010

Jaden is 3

My Nephew Jaden turned 3 yesterday. We celebrated his birthday on Saturday. He ran around the house non stop the entire day. I think he might have been a little bit excited. Varinia (his wonderful Mom) had the house decorated so cute with Toy Story decor. Along with our family we also had the pleasure of visiting with some of Josh's friends, one of which was a friend of his when we lived in Layton a loooooong time ago. His wife is so kind and they have the cutest baby ever. Every time I see this one particular friend I get all giddy. He has the most contagious laugh and I have a lot of hilarious memories of him. I remember the Sunday evening about 10 years ago when him and Josh mixed up all the scraps from a Sunday meal. They mixed it all together and force fed me. I particularly remember the concoction having bits of roll, corn and mustard in it. GROSS! Brothers are the best.

Anthony had to reformat the computer again so I don't have flash, so therefore I cannot edit some of the pics I took. They are still pretty cute though. Jaden is such a cute little guy. I can't wait until we can have a lil one so they can play together.....all in due time though.

This is what I gave Jaden. A bubble buzz light year gun. I also got him a huge beach ball and you hook up to the hose and it squirts out water. Maybe in a couple of weeks he can get it out.

His gift from Kristi: a buzz light year that blows bubbles. He loved it!
This is a hilarious photo to me. All I can think is "over stimulated"
Preparing for the big wish. Isn't his cake adorable?
Happy Birthday Jaden!

He did not like his woody outfit. My mom somehow convinced him to put it on. About 3 minutes later he ripped it off and starting yelling at everyone lol.
Mom and Jaden playing with another toy that Kristi gave him. All in all I think he had a really good birthday! I love this little guy!

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