Monday, June 7, 2010

How was your Monday?

My Monday consisted of me strolling into work and within 20 minutes knowing that things were not going to end well. Dark spots filled my head and my vision went blurry.....great a migraine is coming on.

During our weekly Monday meeting I threw up 3 times. No good! My boss who did not know why I looked like such a mess decided it would be funny to make pathetic faces at me. Not funny.
Also just in case you were wondering, hugging the toilet that is shared with not only your coworkers but also with the office next door is disgusting. Did I mention that that office is a childrens dentistry? Ewww!

What happened after the meeting? Oh perfect! Employee picture day! How fantastic! Not only was most of my makeup off due to the excessive barfing but my eyes were droopy and my hair was a disaster from holding my head all morning.

After I found coverage for my shift I got in the car. I then threw up in an old empty Wendys cup while driving 75 on the freeway. Not Safe.

I finally collapsed in my bed and have only barfed 3 times since being home. The nausea is finally subsided and now I just need to get rid of this headache. I sound like a huge complainer but this was not one of my better Mondays. The only redeeming factor to today is the fact that Anthony is going to bring me home Zupas Tortilla soup. It is the only thing in this life that I want right now.

Also, this is entirely petty but it is always such an event to find something cute to wear to work. Today was such a great outfit day. I feel as if my outfit was wasted...... See I told you it was petty.

Happy Monday everyone!


Rachel said...

Oh yuck! I totally feel for you except, I've never had to throw up that many times with a migraine. I'm such a wimp when I get one, I can't believe you suffered through a few hours of work. I hope it goes away and you feel better soon!

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Gross... Hope you feel better!

The DeGiulio's said...

Im sorry girl, sounds awful. I have heard migraines are the worst! That sucks you had to get your picture taken that day too and it sounds scary throwing up on the freeway going 75. And lastly I love zupas its my new favorite sandwich,soup, salad place to eat.

Jan DeGiulio said...

So SORRY!!!Sounds bad! I finally found a medication that takes my migraines away. It really raised my quality of life! I hope you can find something to help yours.