Friday, May 28, 2010

Hair, Dinner, and O.C.D Advice (First two were not combined)

As you can tell I have changed my hair to dark brown. It was fun to wash out the color, the tub was bright purple. I lead a simple, easy to please life.

How many different bathroom shots do you think I could come up with? Anytime I do a different hair color I take a shot. I could and should do a whole collage.

Besides the change in hair color...again, I really do not have a whole lot to discuss. I have came home every night from work around 630ish and have made dinner, which I have found to be very impressive. Me and Anthony made a chore list and it has been a nuisance to both of us. Surprisingly it has worked and the house looks livable in this moment though. So therefore although it is a pain, we will continue to use it. On the chore list Anthony has to make dinner every Thursday. In our marriage life he has only made dinner maybe 5 times. He is not a cook and he thinks that woman should have to make dinner. He hasn't ever said this, but I am a mind reader and his brain told me this. I am not a slave, so I decided that I am done with this notion. He made grilled chicken, rice, garlic toast and green beans for dinner tonight and I was 100% impressed. Thursdays are going to be so swell from now on. I took a pic of him tonight. He didn't want a pic so its not great, but I wanted everyone to know that this was real, and is a big deal to me.

Can't you tell by the picture that he is happy with the new yeah.

I have one rant I would like to discuss. I have a minor case of o.c.d. Every day regardless if I have used my straight iron or iron I have to double check if they are on. I will even lock up the house and get in the car, then run back into the house and make the rounds one more time, just in case. I have noticed that within the last couple of months it has gotten worse. It's as if I don't trust myself. I know I just checked the iron, but just to calm my nerves I have to check again.

I'm sure everyone has some sort of issue such as that. It has just been something that I have noticed lately. This is where the rant comes in. We have a candle at work. It has been a huge issue for me. I am in charge of blowing out this candle every night when I leave. I hate it. It is such a huge responsibility for me. I was told that about a year ago another one of our company buildings was burned down due to the receptionist not blowing it out. This has added to the stress. I usually blow it out around 4ish so I won't have to worry about it later on.

When I finally get all of my work done and all the patients have been checked in I will clock out, check the candle, grab my purse, check the candle, and walk out the door. I will get half way to the car and turn around and come back in and check the candle.

Last night after work me and Anthony had a reception in Lehi that we attended. It got over around 9. I went home and got all ready for bed. It was around 10:30 when a thought popped into my head. Did I blow out the candle? I was sick! I knew that I was not going to be able to sleep unless I checked. Therefore I grabbed some flipflops and walked out of the house in ugly pj shorts and a too tight shirt with no bra underneath. I drove out to work. There I peeped through the window (I'm sure I looked like a burglar). There I saw through the spaces between the blinds that yes, the candle was blown out. I walked half way to the car. I walked back and looked again. I drove home relieved but was absolutely sick to my stomach. I could have burned down the place. I'm still pretty sure that I was not the one to blow it out. Another co-worked must have done it for me. I thought about this while I tried to sleep.

I can't handle the stress of this candle though. I already have the issue with my hot irons...I can't add another burden. I debated discussing this with my boss today but I felt dramatic and childish. How hard is it to blow it out? And hello...if another building burned down then why do we have this stupid accident waiting to happen?

So what do you think? Should I bring it up to the boss? Should I beg and plead to have the candles be thrown away? Or should I just live through this? I would love any and all advice.


Shanna said...

Bahahahahaha! I have same problem with my stove and flat iron. I'm usually halfway to work when I begin stressing about whether or not I unplugged/turned it off. When Summer lived with me, she called many a morning to have me check hers to make sure it was turned of. All in all I think it's a pretty common phobia.
I think in order to fix ur candle the office a scentsy and tell the boss the flame stresses you out so at least this way if you, or anyone should forget about it...its just a lightbulb.

The DeGiulio's said...

Love your hair color, its so pretty on you. Thats good you checked to make sure you blew the candle out I dont think I could sleep either.

terrah said...

Ah, I was going to suggest a scentsy too!

Jan DeGiulio said...

Love your hair! The dinner looks amazing. OOPS!!! "I dropped the candle. I guess don't have to worry about that anymore"

Katrina said...

I, too, was going to suggest a Scentsy. I think the investment is well worth relieving the stress. And no, you're not alone. That would make me crazy too - I cannot handle that much responsibility/risk!

Cute hair too!