Monday, February 15, 2010

I had a conversation with a Cop

BEEP BEEP.....pulling over......rolling down the window.


Officer: Do you know what state you are in?

Me: Uh, Utah.

Officer: Right, and the last time I checked it wasn't acceptable to make a California stop in Utah.

Me: Right

Officer: License and Registration please.

Me: Sigh................

5 minutes later

Officer: Here's your citation, call the number on the back if you have any questions.

Me: Great.....(Pause).............Thanks.


Signal..............pull away.........curse under my breath.........drove back to hectic day at work.


What A Lovely Monday Morning. Happy Presidents Day!



The DeGiulio's said...

Im sorry Linds, tickets are the worst! And I decided I hate cops (my brother and sister in law are both cops) My last ticket I got was for running a red light but a stupid bus pulled in front of me and it was the middle of winter so I had to hurry and decide if I should slam on my brakes or go through the light. The stupid cop wouldnt even let me off with a warning, at least I was able to do traffic school but I still hate cops. My brother just laughed when I told him that and said he's been called a lot worst.

terrah said...

I bet that cop thought he was so fun. Jeesh!

Jill said...

Laaame, where was this at?

I got pulled over once b/c I was testing Peters new car out around the block but apparently the lights werent on and I told the cop i was being followed and I was scared (which I was) & he goes, "So that would explain the California stop you just did" and i said, "yep!" and he let me go. Haha

I pull so many California stops in California, its quite nice actually. Theres so many stop signs, its too difficult to fully stop