Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Perfect Storm

This is how my night went.

After finishing my last post regarding the cop situation I got all snuggled up in my pjs and brushed my teeth. I had worked an 8 hour day and felt as if I deserved a night to myself in front of the Olympics. I love the Olympics! Immediately after getting all settled in I received a phone call.....The auditor is sick....have to go into work....the graveyard shift....10pm-6am. This was a sad sad thought to me. I got up, grabbed my worked clothes then starting putting my makeup back on. The word that would best describe the way I felt was defeated.

I have done the audit before. Its a crappy shift mostly because you don't see anyone for about 7 hours and I am horrified of being chopped up into tiny pieces(way overly dramatic). Also, there are times that I cannot keep my head from bobbing. As if having to do the audit was the worst thing I quickly realized that I wasn't going to be able to come straight home after my audit shift. Oh no, at 7am in Layton I had a traffic counting job until 9m. Basically I sit in my car with Shanna and we have our own little boards and we push a button every time a car passes through our intersection. It was going to be a long night.

In all retrospect I did pretty well. Not once did I burst into tears (sometimes that happens when I get tired), also I didn't bob my head at all. I kept myself very busy. Around 3:30 I busted out a 12 verse poem that is pretty hilarious to me now. Also, I finished The Lovely Bones novel. I found an old magazine discarded on the floor and I learned the bests ways to wear my hair and the best kind of jeans for my body type. Yes, these are the minor things that got me through the night.

By time 6am rolled around I was happy to get out of there. I then drove to Farmington and picked up Shanna. Then we started our count. Lucky for her my spirits weren't completely crushed and we mostly just laughed the entire time. Everything was hilarious. By time we got done I could barely keep my eyes open and at times I thought I would need to pull off the freeway in fear of nodding off. I wanted to take a picture of me numerous times. My eyes were red, my hair was all over the place and I generally just looked like I had been crushed by a house. No, not like how Dorothy looked, but like a train wreck, or a recovering meth addict. Does that help you paint a lovely picture of me? As soon as my house appeared I gave a great sigh and basically ran up to bed. I slept from 10am-3pm.

I call this post The perfect storm because at the time it seemed like I just couldn't catch a break yesterday. I realize I am complaining quite a bit. But it was all just so funny to me. We haven't had any count jobs in months and its just amazing that the one time I have had to do an audit, it just happens to land on the night before I have to get up to count. Perfect. Thank you cop for starting my marathon tiring day. I am glad to say that I feel semi rested and luckily for me I do not work a real shift at work so I can take off today.

I'm rambling. I look forward to a shinier happier day tomorrow. Thanks for listening to this tiresome post.


Jill said...

oh man, i got the emails about counting, too! i wish they were out here, that is one thing i do miss, besides you and shanna of course!

i worked a 6am - 2pm temp job today and i have to do it tomorrow too. its SO boring, since im only a temp they dont give me access to the computer. SO, imagine sitting at the front desk without a computer, a book, or a magazine? LUCKILY i have my nice phone with internet otherwise i think i would have jumped off the 33rd level i was situated on, it was a pretty view and to see it right before flying high onto pavement would be a nice way to end my day and life!

the end.

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Yuck. I hated the audit. I did it once when I was a mere teenager at the Boise inn. Mine was only until 4am, but I had worked a 2-10 already that day... it's no bueno. I feel for ya. What is this traffic thingy? It kind of sounds like fun... Especially if you get to do it with your best friend! It doesn't sound like it was too bad after all. At least now you can say you say you conquered it and still kept a good attitude. Kudos Lindsey!