Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

We celebrated Valentines Day numerous times this year. I had picked up a couple random things for Anthony and I just hate waiting to give him presents. It all began on Thursday. I was changing the sheets in the bedroom and decided it would be a good time to give him his first present.

We decided pretty quickly that I had basically bought these pillowcases for me. How could I resist? They are adorable! He liked them too though. How could he not, right?

Friday I was surprised with my valentines on the coffee table when I woke up to get ready for work. He got me some really cute hand towels, votive candles, and some adorable spotted cups that I was going on about from target. He was listening!!! He also got me a book, unfortunately I already had it hahaha. I will replace it soon, don't you worry. Work was a witch that day and it was really sweet to receive flowers during the day. I was really impressed!

Friday night while at his Dad's house his Dad gave Anthony some sweet tarts and Anthony begin to tell him how every holiday I will give him a huge bag of sweet tarts and his mouth is jacked up for the following week. I giggled to myself because the following day I gave him a movie and a bag of sweet tarts. The movie sucked, we watched it last night. 9....anyone heard of it? Has anyone seen it? I do not recommend. Anthony thought it was ok, but not great. O well, live and learn. I have no pictures for that...cuz it wasn't great. This morning I was super duper cute and made him breakfast in bed. I had bought a breakfast tray from Target a lil while ago and was patiently waiting to use it. Also, I got cute matching cups that matched our pillow cases. Bahaha so cute! Lets take a look at the difference between Anthonys and Lindsey breakfast shall we? Heres Anth:
Here's mine
Yes, those are my gummy vitamins. Don't judge.

O O O and I made a really gay gift for Anthony. We laughed about it for awhile and we decided it would be a really great white elephant gift. Please judge heavily(we did):

Its hilarious to me. Gifts from the heart are tough. I wanted him to take it to work, you know, a love trophy. But after the discussion of how his work (in exact words) "is a breeding ground for humiliation" we decided against it. If you receive this in the future as a gift, please don't return it.

Anyways, I hope everyone else had a happy heart day! Love you all!!!!


Shanna said...

Bahahaha! I absolutely l o v e the "love trophy" is def a gift from the heart:) I am sad looking at your breakfast, but I am proud of you for holding strong.

Happy Valentine's Day!

The DeGiulio's said...

Sounds like a fun week of Valentine gift giving :) Those pillow cases are too cute. And the gag gift I think is really cute too.

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Man you two are hilarious! i love the gummy vitamins. If i had to take vitamins, i probably should but don't, i'd want gummy ones. I love the pillow cases and the cups... where did you find them?!

Anthony & Linds said...

Dear Kelsey,

The pillowcases are from But you can find them anywhere for example, amazon, just google anniversary pillowcases and you should be able to find them.

Love, linds