Sunday, February 21, 2010

Detox Update

I am not on the 4th day of the horrid detox. Thus far I have lost 14 pounds which feels pretty good. I need to stay focused so I do not quickly gain it all back. Tomorrow is last day of detox, then Tuesday and Wednesday I eat straight raw veggies. Thursday the day I am really looking forward to is meat. I purchased some ground turkey the other day and I am dreaming of the taco lettuce wraps I am going to make with it.

Last night me and my Mom about had a melt down. We went to a reception and there were tons of good food. I went through the line of relatives and quickly turned to my Mom and said "ok, I have to leave." She unfortunately had to stay and endure watching the rest of my family devour all the food. I drove home half defeated and then received a call from her saying how she wasn't able to do this anymore and was going to wake up this morning and eat veggies. I stated the same thing. After waking up and getting on the scale I felt rejuvenated. She apparently did the same thing because she called me and said that she could go one more day haha.

I honestly can say that I will probably not be able to drink lemonade or anything lemon based for a long time. I hate lemons. I have noticed something strange though. My taste buds are out of control since being on this detox. When I am making my "meal" for the day I will taste a drop of the maple syrup before pouring in my jug and its almost too sweet, to the point that I almost don't like it. Also I gagging when brushing my teeth. I usually do when I brush my tongue. But now just regular brushing does it. It's strange. Anyways, that's the update. Here is some pictures of the process.
Cut up 8 million lemons and manually dejuice them. I love my juicer. It was my grandmas and I'm so happy I was able to receive it.
I have to have 1 and a half cups of lemon. Then I add 8 cups of water (distilled) and 1/3 a cup of maple syrup.

Then Voila my meal for the day. I need to fill my bottle up about 4 times to drink my days worth of lemon crap and then I am suppose to drink lots of water, which I am having a hard time doing. Also I am peeing non stop!

If anyone is sick of listening to me regarding this please state that. It's really the only thing that is going on right now, it is consuming my thoughts so therefore I write about it. Regardless, thanks for the comments!

Have a wonderful day!


The DeGiulio's said...

That is so great you have lost 14 lbs, keep it up! That would be hard not to resist the food at the reception, but thats good you left before it became any more of a temptation.

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I think it's interesting. I've never been a diet person, so I am living vicariously through you. Way to stick it to the man! I know you can do it.. and just think how good you will feel when it's all over!