Sunday, February 21, 2010


I left the subject empty because there were many different subject titles running through my head. Here are a few:

"We've been hosed Davey, we've been hosed."
There is no such thing as a miracle cream
The most expensive trim I have ever had
I will never get those 3 hours back

Do you see where I'm getting at with this? This is in regards to my hair. I washed it today. The hair lady told me I could wash it after 2 or 3 days and it stunk so bad that I waited as long as I could. I washed it and stared at myself in the mirror with my dripping hair and knew instantly that disappointment would seep in any moment. I dried my hair and that's when it totally hit me. "I wasted 120 bucks on nothing." I cannot get out of my head the bike that I have been wanting to purchase to hopes of getting more exercise. It is about 100 bucks and it wouldn't have disappointed me.

Here is the picture of me after I blow dried it.

It does look a little tamed but I believe that to be due to the fact that the hair lady thinned and trimmed it quite a bit. A friend of mine had hers done and she said that when she would blow dry it she wouldn't have to iron it. Well there is no way I would walk out in public like this. I might call the salon tomorrow and see what is up. Never in my life have I ever complained to a hair person or a waitress or even when a shirt doesn't fit when I come back from a store do I take it back....I hate confrontations. So even me thinking of calling is huge and stresses me out. Here's a picture after I straighten it. It looks like it usually does. Sad, so sad. Disappointment is a hard emotion to get over. I will sulk for the rest of the day and day dream of the bike I could be riding and the clothes I could have purchased and the melting pot restaurant I could have discovered instead. Lesson learned, lesson learned.


Alicia said...

So sad. Hopefully somehow it will get better.

Jill said...

its a lot tamer than the other picture in your last post! maybe give it a few days..and see if it works...maybe even call the lady back and ask her whats up? i wouldnt be scared to, just say it's not what you were hoping for $120 and ask for advice or maybe she'll offer to have you come in so she can check it out...

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Oh i'm so sad! what a bummer! I'm so sorry you spent so much money on it... I hope the salon can compensate or something?