Sunday, December 22, 2013

Updates & Photos

I am posting on our new laptop. Do you hear that?......Choirs of angels are singing right now. Okay, so maybe that is me singing. I sound like a dying cat. A dying cat that is super happy to have a new laptop.

The old computer had a long life. It lived a prosperous, fulfilling life. I might have avoided her in the end, but she was great for a long time. If you remember right I had discussed an issue with her, was it:

A: Poor battery life (Meaning: Don't you dare bump the cord or it died within milliseconds!)
B: Poor Ventilation (Meaning: AHHH! Lava hot legs within 20 minutes of use!)
C: Poor Ventilation Part Deux (Meaning: Sounds like someone's vacuuming..PSYCH!)
D: All of the above

You know the answer. It was ridiculous.

Moving on....

Life is good. I cannot believe this year is already over!!! We have been in this house for a year in 2 weeks. Insane!

I feel the need to recap a couple of things throughout the year since I have super sucked at updating:

*Anthony finished one of his hardest licensing exams last week. The structures exam. I heard it was brutal and we look forward to hearing his score in a couple of weeks. Only 5 more to go.
* We spoke in church last week. First (and hopefully last) time in this ward. Last ward we spoke in we were never asked again, hopefully this ward follows suit. Side Note: Neither of us passed out or threw up!
* I have self diagnosed myself with social anxiety. I have asked around and the answers I have gotten have been either, "Vodka or medication". Hmmm....Test me out....come start small talk with me and see how I do....
*Anthony is healthy and sleeping much better now. He had some sleeping issues for awhile but has finally got them resolved and we both couldn't be happier.
*Did I tell you about that time I was almost late for work because I misplaced my toothbrush? How does that happen? I searched high and yeah, Anth took it in the shower with scrub the tiles! Needless to say I bought a new toothbrush. I wasn't happy. But at least the tiles are clean. Married life is grand.
*Anthony turned 30! He's adorable.
*Favorite books this year include: "Before I Go To Sleep", "The Rent Collector" and "When She Woke".
* No kids yet. We've been trying for over 2 years now. We are in the process of testing and should be starting IUI treatments at the beginning of next year. Thanks for your support (:

We are doing so good!

Here are some photos from Thanksgiving at his Dad's house. His Step Mom always, ALWAYS, is so creative with her food and activities. She is so much fun and we love seeing what she has planned. This year we made apple swans! They turned out amazing!

 And some gingerbread making skills from my parents house. We won, "Most Creative". It is sitting on our kitchen table, we are incredibly proud. Okay, so maybe each kid won. Mom and Dad just didn't have the heart to exclude anyone. We each won in different categories and the prize was an awesome ornament. It was hilarious and fun! Oh and we celebrated Anth's birthday that day.

Weather advisories, slick roads, 15 degree weather. Perfect day for outdoor family photos. They turned out pretty cute though. Here's two....

I'll be updating more often, now that I don't have to worry about any 3rd degree burns on my thighs.

Love you all and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Alicia Thomson said...

Horray for an update. Horray for a new laptop. Love your gingerbread house. Sorry, you've been struggling to have kids. Deffinitely not a fun thing. Hope IUI treatments does the trick.
Miss you.

Jill said...

Woo! I know one day you will have a Little Linds running around! Stay positive - I know it'll happen!

Jen Holden said...

Yay for a new lap top! And sorry had to laugh about your missing tooth brush and what Anthony did with it, like you said gotta love married life ;)