Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Christmas Post

The tree is shoved back in the box, the majority of the candy is in my gut, and the Christmas hangover is starting to fade. Yes, Christmas is over. Yet again, we had a wonderful season. I know that you probably don't care to hear about every little detail about our Christmas, but I post about our events for really one that next year we know whose house to go to at what point. Because we have the 3 families to visit, it is convenient to look back and go..."Oh yes!, we were there in the morning, therefore we will be here.".... It doesn't matter if that doesn't make sense, again, this post is entirely for me.

But while you are here, grab that last broken candy cane and let me go through our Christmas adventures.

It started at the Lyman home this year.

After work on Christmas Eve, (yes, I worked a whole hour on Christmas Eve...worthless) we met Debbie and Leonard at the movie theatre. We saw Frozen. Have you seen it? I leaned over and whispered in Anthony's ear during a song, "I can't wait til I have all these songs memorized so I can sing to you!" He gave me a look of sheer terror...although I secretly think he enjoys my angelic voice as I prance around the house. 

After the movie we met back at their house with Zupas for lunch and then opened our presents. Luckily his Step Sister Shelby (say that 3 times...) was able to join us. It is sad that we were the only kids again, but it is so hard to get on the same schedule as everyone. 

They had the most beautiful tree and I love being with his Dad and Step Mom. They always have such a festive, welcoming home and I thoroughly enjoy being around them. Also, they make timbles, the delicious cookie/pastry like treat. MMM! 

We left their house and drove over to the Kemme home. Every year we pick a different place to base our meal around. Last year was Chinese food, this year was Italian food. 

Spaghetti with homemade sauce and meatballs (YuM!!)
Bread sticks
Pana Cotta 
Italian Soda

It all was so delicious! I did the bruschetta and my house smelled of roasted garlic for days. But it turned out amazing. I love trying new recipes!

After dinner we did our other tradition, which consists of reading a Christmas book. We then opened presents from everyone. It was a nice quiet evening and I love our Kemme Christmas traditions. 

(I had to do to photos in black and white....the lighting wasn't the best for color)

Around 10, filling fat and happy we headed to Tremonton. After arriving around 11:30 we quickly made our breakfast item (baked french toast) and then collapsed in bed.

The next morning we made breakfast of french toast, homemade hash browns (my fav!) and sausage. Then Mom, Dad, Kristi, Anthony and I opened our presents. As soon as we finished, Josh, Varinia, Jaden and Alexa arrived and we watched them open their presents. It was so fun to watch the kids open. They are at such a fun age. They soon left and the 5 of us enjoyed lunch, movies, and each others company. I love family!

Check out Mom's "Ugly Sweater 2013". She's so adorable.

Oh....and this happened during dinner. Picture this, I am sitting at the counter building a beautiful pulled pork sandwich. What could it use? Ah yes, some bbq sauce. I picked up the bottle, and decided to give it a sniff before slathering it on my sandwich. I might have squeezed the bottle a bit too much...
Probably the most unattractive photo of me....ever
Everyone, including me sat with a shocked look on their face for a moment or two before we all started laughing hysterically.

Christmas Miracle: After a good scrubbing, the sweater is saved! 

Thank you everyone for a wonderful Christmas. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family members!


Alicia Thomson said...

Love your Christmas Eve dinner tradition you have. Luckily your sweater was saved, but it is kind of funny you ended up with sauce all over you. Hope your New Year is just as fun, but less messy. ;)

KEK said...

Looks like a great Christmas, despite the BBQ incident.