Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'm a wuss and Anth is dumb (but totally adorable)

Hello!!! Have you missed me? I haven't turned the laptop on for a couple of weeks and as I walked downstairs this morning I saw it tucked under the coffee table all sad and pathetic like and I felt a sudden urge to log on. It has been far too long. For those of you who have forgotten me....
Hi!Here I am! I forgot that I wore glasses half way through my photo shoot. Also, I have been a bachlorette for the past 2 weeks. Hence the reason I feel the need to take several photos of myself. Anth has a huge project that is due next week. He hasn't been coming home til 9 every night and it is getting old. In fact, he is gone again today. Lame. This leads me to my next subject....

I am 20 pounds overweight. Awesome right? This is nothing to be proud of, nor is it anything new. I decided the other night (Tuesday) that I was going to get my gym clothes out and work out basement.
Picture me in the closet. I am picking out some adorable gym clothes wondering why it matters what I wear...."Whose gonna see you in the basement anyway?" I'm not the only one that doesn't like to look frumpy while exercising though, right? I start to get this uneasy feeling as I lace up. Why? Why I am freaking out?

Well, let me take you back to Monday night. It is dark out. We still do not have blinds (heaven help us! I need them!). So when I am watching tv, cooking, walking around.....etc...everyone in the neighborhood can see me. We have 3 big windows on the main floor and I feel like I am on display. Always. Anyway....

Monday night I was watching tv. And the remote somehow turned it to Dateline. Dang it. It just so happened to be about a lady in her 30's. A handyman dropped by out of the blue and said that he was concerned about something he saw with her furnace the other day and he wanted to ask her some questions about it. She leads him to the furnace (in the basement) and there he proceeds to choke her to unconciousness and then bludgeons her to death....or so he thought. She was found a day later. Why do I watch this crap?

This episode was what I had in mind as I tried to will myself downstairs. Images of the poor lady flashed through my head and all I wanted to do was lock myself in my bedroom until Anth got home. "BE BRAVE SISTA!" I turned the knob to the basement and.......quickly called Anth. "Can I talk to you while I walk downstairs?" Anthony isn't surprised...he knows I am basically a 12 year old in a 26 year olds body.

I lasted 40 minutes and the whole time I kept looking over my shoulder and looking at the dark windows. Besides spiders, snakes, sharks and having my mouth duct taped (thus prohibiting me from breathing) my biggest fear is seeing someone watching me in a window. Needless to say, it was freaking scary!

Top right photo is me sitting on the stairs after the was me trying to combat my fears. Because running up stairs and quickly slamming the door besides me (thus locking the monsters out) is pathetic. Basically I just hate that you can't see the whole basement. When you open the door all you see is stairs and who knows what is around the corner. I'm a wuss. But...I have decided to be healthier. So I will have to grow up.

I am trying to eat more greens. I am leaving my shoes out in plain sight so I remember to exercise daily and I am trying to stay under 1540 calories a day. (Please disregard the brownie recipe hung on my magnet board above my calorie tracking...counterproductive? Yes!)

One more story I would like to share. If I were to have a title for this story it would be, "Anthony is adorable and dumb" (:

Last Saturday before he went into work I found him on his computer in his office. He has a pretty sweet desk that is shapped like a "T", on one of the corners is a little seat that I love to sit in. I have the perfect view of him and I love to pester him from this seat. As I sat my bum down I looked directly across from me and there sitting on his bookshelf were two little plants...."WHAT ARE THOSE!?!"

What proceeded was an argument. He was upset at me for snooping around his office..."Um snooping?! You left them out in plain sight!" Apparently he was adorable and planned ahead and got me some plants for Valentines day....2 weeks before! Who does that? He's amazing! And dumb! Why would you leave it in the office where I come and visit often?

I scooped them up and watered them and placed them in their new location on the counter and kitchen table. He still isn't' too happy about it...but that isn't my fault. Everyone sees that, right?

Introducing, my succulents. I hate roses. I do love flowers but I feel like they are such a burden lol. They are beautiful for 4 days and then you have to decide, "Do I toss them now? Or do I keep them until they are all over the counter and then all over the floor while I shove them in a garbage bag?" Goodbye $40+ dollars! See you next Valentines!"

He knows me so well. Instead of this dilemma he got me some succulents that we (because I can't handle the responsibility entirely on my own) only need to water twice a month. Easy peasy! They are little and cute and even have  non perishable(hopefully) flowers on them.

That's about all the news I have for now. We are loving our new home. I love our ward. The members have been very kind and welcoming and I feel like we are in the right place.

I hope to get back into a more consistent blogging routine. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Alicia said...

Basements are scary, especially unfinished ones. You need a parental lock on all the scary shows, so you don't end up accidentally watching one while alone at night.

Looking forward to more posts by you.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I'm afraid of my basement, too. but i don't have windows. I love your running shoes bee-tee-dubs. Where did you, by chance, get them?!
I love your new plants. I can't keep them alive. I over water them. I've killed so many cacti over the years.
I'm curious what your workout plan is? I've just started and I'm such a novice, I have no idea what I'm doing. Can you give me some advice on what you do?

Heather Leigh said...

How oh HOW do you get your pictures to look so nice and neat as you do? I am always stumped and frustrated by what thinks makes sense. Is there an App for that? Haha

Your succulents are so pretty! I hope they last like they're supposed to, I've put off getting some myself because I know I would somehow find a way to kill it. Lol!

Jen Holden said...

Basements are just scary. You should have seen our basement in our first house, talk about scary. As you walked down the tiny narrow steps you looked into the crawl space. Its where we kept our washer & dryer. Haha loved reading about those cute plants he got you for Valentines :)

Kelli Shimek said...

I do a great job at psyching myself out all of the time. My imagination is too good sometimes.

Succulents are a GREAT idea! I'm afraid Phil has already bought me stuff though... Maybe I can plant this idea in his head for next year.