Friday, December 21, 2012

Edgar & Mabel

Last night Shanna came over for our "Annual Gift Exchange" party. There were no vegetables platter, eggnog, nor were there any ugly sweaters. Instead we swapped gifts, went to dinner and I somehow ended up starting and completing a Christmas project (in which I will post about after Christmas). P.s Thanks for all your help on that Shanna!

It was an excellent night. You wanna hear what I got from her?....Good...Cuz I am seriously in love with my gift.

Do you remember our Orifino Trip
Well down their "Main Street" of this adorable town is a Hallmark store. During one of our exercise sessions we walked past and peeked through the window. This is what we saw...(Yes, I have a picture to prove my point).
Do you see what I see? Should I break out into Holiday Song?

Do you see what I see?
Do you see what I see? (in a non-sexual echo whisper) 
Way up in a town of Idaaaaho (insert my best vibrato)
Do you see what see?
Do you see what I see?
Sitting on a shelf with a face that says take me home.....(that didn't rhyme)

You get the point. We fell in love with these owls. They were be"hoot"tiful. They were chalk white. They were book ends. They were, the cutest darn things we have ever seen. They also weren't cheap, nor did we succeed in convincing each other that we had to take them home that very moment. We finished our trip and discussed on the way home that we should have gotten them.

Months past and I have thought of them a time or two. I needed them in my life. But it was too late....or so I thought.

Last night I opened up a gift from Shanna to find some books that I am looking forward to read. "Life of Pi", which I am sure everyone has either seen the movie or read already, but I have not. I also got, "Faithful Place", By Tana French. She is great author. Anyway, after lifting the books out of the box I realized there was something else. This is what I found....(The anticipation is out of control right? As if you didn't know what was in there.)
AHHHHHH! Aren't they adorable!?! They will look awesome in my Nook at the new house. I can't wait. She is such a great gifter. I got her a Fossil Wallet, some owl contact holders from Hip & Humble, and some nail polish (because I am like a 13 year old).

Dinner consisted of a 12 layer lasagne from Johnny Corinos. It was delicious. It was such a fun night. I am so grateful for my funny friend and I can't wait to get Edgar & Mabel in their new home. Yeah, I named them. You name them, you claim them.


Jen Holden said...

Love them, they are adorable! I always hate when I regret not buying things & then they are gone. So sweet of your friend.

Alicia said...

Love them. They will look great in your new house. Have a Merry Christmas.

Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Be"hoot"iful... nice! and i love the song. I too, am starting to love the owls. bah! i'm jealous!