Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another weekly report.

Another week has past and I can't believe how fast time is flying. It has been a good week, but weird. Hasn't it been a weird week? It seems almost inappropriate to party and rejoice when such horrible things are happening around us.

I have been really quiet about this subject. I have read all the facebook updates, viewed the beautiful photos, ignored the gun rants and I have tried to express my feelings in regard to this. But I can't. There are so many things I am feeling that I don't know what to say. I am so sad about it. I don't even know where to start to express how I really feel about it. In the past I have tried to keep this blog light hearted. So instead of a long post about the shootings, I decided to start my own private blog to work out my feelings in regards to this event as well as other spiritual/emotional/random events.

I mention this only because I don't want you to think I am ignoring it. It happened. But I also just want to find the good in life. So that is why I am choosing to express the good things that happened this weekend instead of the horrible events. You understand, right?

Tuesday was our last night as scout leaders in this ward. It was bitter sweet. I am looking forward to a new ward and I am also looking forward to having Tuesday nights, free of responsibilities. But man oh man....I am going to miss those kids. When you see the Wolf Den I picture an hour of babysitting. The Webelos den boys are too cool. But the Bear den...well they are just right. I feel really lucky that I got to teach their den. All they want to do is please you, but in a not whiny annoying way. I was so nervous to have this calling but I felt so proud when a lesson would turn out and the boys would enjoy what I had planned. Yes, I hated wearing the bright yellow shirt and I still am confused on most of the badges, but for the most part I was comfortable and enjoyed it the majority of the time.

Wednesday we celebrated Anthonys 29th birthday. He is so old!
I bought him some "Big Bang Theory" bobble heads and audio book (because he is trying to be a cool reader like me or maybe I am forcing it on him). I planned on getting him a cool gift but his computer died and he ended up getting all the part supers cheap on Black Friday. Super cheap meaning...still cost us a fortune. Because of the guilt he told me he didn't need any gifts because his gift was a computer. So's your dork audio book and bobble heads....have at it (:

I did send some cookies from Cookies by Design to his work so he felt extra special and we went to dinner when I got home from work. I hope he had a good day because he makes my day all the time. Too corny? Who cares...I love this a lot.

Thursday night Shanna came over to the house. We don't see each other as much as we use to and it is sad. Normally we would have gone out to dinner or spent some money but we just felt exhausted so instead we ran to the store, bought some sandwich makings and the three of us (Anth is always invited) had dinner together. Shanna and I watched, "The Money Pit", because we are classy like that, and it was so nice to catch up with her.

Friday night I came home, made myself dinner, and I went to bed fairly early.

Saturday was busy! I woke up pretty early and made some muffins for an elderly neighbor in our ward whom I have made friends with. Anth and I took over the muffins with the cider and we had a chat with him. I'll miss him.

After that we ran to Costco, Deseret Book, and the grocery store. As soon as I had put the groceries away Kristi came over. I ran to the craft store with her. She hung out at the house for about 30 minutes. Then we kicked her out and we headed to Lehi for the annual Hammond Christmas Party.

Let me tell you why the Hammond Party is one of my favorite Christmas parties. Everyone shows up! Meaning, there are about 50 people in the house and it is crazy! But a good crazy. It is nice to see all the people we haven't seen for months. The food is always freaking amazing. But my favorite part is the live nativity scene. There are great grand kids everywhere! They multiply like rabbits! It is so fun to watch them dress up at Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, and even a Camel! (I brought the camera but totally forgot to snap pictures...lame). His Grandma and Grandpa are the sweetest people ever! They love all of their grand kids so much and I feel it. They remember what each of us are doing in life and they even get everyone a present....which is not an easy feat. It was a good time.

Sunday. Today. Another busy day. We went to church for the last time at this ward. I really enjoy our new Bishop who was called just a couple of months ago. Although in the past I would not have a lot of positive things to say about this ward, I have really found an appreciation for the members of this ward as of lately. Is it because I knew I was leaving? Or is it because I have tried to be more positive? Is it because I have been participating in Relief Society more often? It could be all of these things, but I wish I wouldn't have been so negative about if for the past couple of years. What a waste. I am kind of sad to go but I am also so happy to move into a younger ward. A much younger ward.

After church we finished making dinner and sprucing up the house for the arrival of my parents and Kristi. Josh and Varinia couldn't make it since the kidlets are getting over flu/croup/pink eye. Yikes. Poor things.

After dinner which consisted of ham, potatoes, salad and rolls, we all loaded in the car to check out the house. The folks haven't seen it yet and we were eager to see if the countertops had been put in yet.

They had! The counter tops are a beautiful white with glass flecks in them. It looks beautiful against the dark cabinets and I couldn't stop smiling. Unfortunately the date was pushed back to around the 10th of January so I will have to wait that much longer to use that beautiful counter. The tile upstairs is all done. The shower looks amazing (again, forgot to take a photo of it). I can't wait to move!

After our tour of the house we went home to have dessert. Has anyone made angel food cake? It is not my favorite to prepare. Anthony requested it in lieu of a traditional birthday cake this year. Note to self: When it says to plan for batter expansion, believe the box. After 20 minutes the batter was overflowed and all over the oven. The house smells like burnt marshmallows which borders between pleasant and nasty. It's odd. Luckily I made it before church so the smell had time to dissipate a little. 

I packed the candles so instead I found some graduation candles (that I forgot to use years ago when he graduated. I am a horrible wife had the best intentions. We piled our angel food cake with chocolate syrup, fresh pomegranates, bananas and cream. MMM. It was delicious. Anth has good birthday cake requests.
 After Anthony got the priveledge of listening to the Hill clan sing, "Happy Birthday", we kicked the boys out so us girls could get down to business. Craft Business!

We made wooden nativity scenes. I thought they turned out adorable. It was fun to sit around the table with the ladies and I was so sad to not have Varinia with us.
We don't look related at all, do we?

It has been a busy week but we have had a lot of fun. Can you believe Christmas is almost here? Craziness! I am so grateful for my many many family members. Sometimes I get whiny about our hectic holiday schedule but I do love seeing everyone and we always have a good time. I can't imagine the holidays without all of you. Thanks for being a part of our lives (: All of you!


Kelsey Fairbanks said...

I officially love you. You crack me up. Even on your non funny posts. I can't believe anthony is 29. Holy smokes, batman. i've never made angel food cake because i think it's gross. sorry your oven smells like burnt marshmallows. i'm kind of giggling on the inside. have a wonderful week linds!

ps. your house looks AMAZING!

Jan DeGiulio said...

I love the pictures of your new home. I can hardly wait to see more pictures or better yet really come and see your home!

Jen Holden said...

Your house is looking great, cant wait to see more pics too. Sounds like a fun & busy week too.