Sunday, October 7, 2012

House Update


Sometimes I go and look at the update on the digging. Sometimes I go daily. Sometimes I go twice a day. It has become my new obsession. I get giddy when I see big machines and construction men working on it.  

Thursday is our final design meeting. This is the meeting where we look everything over and say, "Yes, we have made the right decisions."  We have already decided that we need to change the counter tops a slightly different color and I want the walls to be a darker shade of grey. Anth is convinced that he wants it as light as possible. We will see what comes of this meeting. It will be good to have it behind us. Without this meeting the construction will come to a halt because the contractor refuses to do framing without the final decisions being made.

 Regardless I am so excited. We have been packing up the office the last couple of weeks. I cannot believe the amount of ribbon and paper I have accumulated over the years. It is everywhere! 

I also have started Christmas shopping to ease some of the anxiety. The holidays are going to be busy for us and the more I can do now the better.

I can't wait. Patience is not a virtue I have gained yet. This is my Everest :)  I dream about the first night we can sleep in our new room. I picture the furniture perfectly arranged downstairs. I imagine me cuddled on a loveseat upstairs in the nook with a new book. It is consuming me. I can't wait to have neighbors and younger people surrounding us and mostly I can't wait to just feel settled. 

The waiting continues................

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The DeGiulio's said...

So so fun & exciting!!! When our house was being built we came over all the time to see the progress & what new things were finished. Smart to do some Christmas shopping now too.